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Why I Build On WordPress

A professional level Wordpress website may be a great option for jewelry store owners and brands.

Is Your Website Hurting Your Jewelry Sales?

The impact your website has on your store's overall success is incredible. Learn some crucial tips for keeping your visitors happy and impressed.

The Major Impact Design Has On Your Website Content

Planning and distributing your content properly is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. However, there's something that I haven't touched on yet that will make a huge impact on whether or not your content actually achieves results - and that's how it looks visually on the page.

How Jewelers Can Use Landing Pages To Drive Sales

Every marketing campaign you run should bring visitors to specific page on your site that was carefully designed to maximize the results from that campaign. Learn more about using landing pages effectively here!

Better Websites With Color And Typography

Have you jumped onto the trend of redesigning the aesthetics of your website to appeal to millenials? The grey, muted colors that look like you’re selling Abercrombie jeans? Congrats. Your website now looks like everyone else’s.

E-Commerce For The Sake Of Foot Traffic

Your goal is to sell more jewelry. Does it matter if it’s from online sales or foot traffic to your store? Nope. Plus, preparing your website to be an e-commerce machine is going to have lasting effects on your store’s foot traffic, too.

When Cleverness Ruins Your Website

A great website developer knows how important sharp graphics and branding are for each website. But being creative is also a curse - it can be very easy for us to get carried away with trying to make our work too cool or too interesting at the cost of clarity.

3 Common Reasons Why Customers Leave Your Website

Websites are the second most-used media to find local businesses. Simply having a site isn’t enough to keep potential customers interested in visiting your store. There could be a number of reasons why your site visitors don’t stay long enough to convert but here are three of the most common.

The Reason We Have Websites: Brand Authority & Trust

It doesn't matter if you're a jewelry manufacturer, an independent designer, or a jewelry retail store. The #1 reason you have a website is to create brand authority and to show your visitor that you're trustworthy. There will be some people who simply pop into your store to browse, especially if they're already a loyal customer. But how do you turn new people into loyal customers who aren't familiar with you? By bringing them to our website and showing them that you're the real deal.

CRO Tips to Improve Conversions and Increase Sales

You’ve invested in your website design and it looks gorgeous. Traffic is something to be proud of since you get a respectable number of visitors per month. Good for you! However, the increase in your income is nothing to be excited about. You need conversion rate optimization or CRO to maximize the results from users who are already interested on your site.

Why Shopify Can Be A Great Store Platform Option For Jewelers

Shopify has immensely developed to be among one of the favorite e-commerce platforms used by retailers and customers. It is known for hosting amazing features for jewelery store owners. You will be able to rip the benefits of selling through social media very quickly.

The Online Marketing Channel Part III – Data

In previous installments of this 4 part series, we established the mantra for navigating the online marketing channel to be “Technology First, Then Marketing.”  Your website is the hub to which all marketing channels lead.

Landing Pages For Jewelers Part 3: Message Match

In the previous two parts to this series, we reviewed the importance of landing pages and what goes into a successful landing page. Now we're going to make sure the right people are in the right place by using the correct message.

The Online Marketing Channel Part II – Website Platform

In the early days of websites it was common practice for a web-master to custom create the site in programming languages such as C, C++, PHP, and Python. The first real cost effective technology breakthrough came in the late 1990’s with the advent of open-source content management systems (CMSs) for websites. These CMSs allowed retailers from all industries to utilize templates to  build and manage most of the ongoing content changes on their website from an administrative login at a much lower cost.

Landing Pages For Jewelers Part 2: What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Don't sabotage the success of your marketing campaigns by directing all your visitors to your homepage. Last week we learned about Attention Ratio, and explained the basic principles of landing pages. In Part 2 here, we learn what goes into making a successful landing page.

Improving The Clarity Of Your Jewelry Website, And Testing It Properly

A deep dive into improving our website's clarity and boosting the visitor's experience. We’ll then learn how to use a tool called Usability Hub to evaluate and make improvements based off real, unbiased data.

Landing Pages For Jewelers Part 1: Landing Pages vs. Websites

Don't sabotage the success of your marketing campaigns by directing all your visitors to your homepage.

How You Can Improve Your Website By Treating It Like A Trade Show.

Would you do business with the guy ignoring you in the back of the messy booth? Nope. So why do we think our websites are any different?