How To Get Your Jewelry Photos Noticed On Instagram

If you’ve spent any amount of time scrolling through your Instagram feed - especially while browsing hashtags like #jewelrylovers, #jewelryoftheday or #finejewelry - you know first-hand that Instagram is crowded with literally millions of jewelry photos. How is any one jewelry brand supposed to distinguish itself in such a vast sea of sparkle?

Social Media Audit Essentials For Jewelry Brands

When the daily routine of posting, commenting and liking just seems monotonous, it’s time to take a step back and conduct a social media audit. Whether you’re currently in a social media rut or simply want to improve your social media presence, answering the audit questions below will be the first step in developing your brand’s social media strategy.

7 Jewelry Product Photography Ideas to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

What jewelry product photography ideas for Instagram have you tried and worked best in terms of building and strengthening brand awareness? Can you spot it in one of the ideas mentioned below?

Why Remarketing Ads On Facebook Work

Did you know that, on average, only 2 percent of your customers convert to sales on the first visit to your website? That means that the other 98 percent either never convert or are converting on later visits. Here is where Remarketing comes into play.

How to Sell Jewelry Using Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

Do you want to learn how to sell jewelry using Instagram’s shoppable posts? By now, you should have already noticed those clickable product posts that let you instantly purchase the products you have your eye on with just a tap of a finger. If you’re curious and you want to know more about Instagram’s venture into social commerce, read on!

How Micro Influencers Can Bring Customers to Your Store

Social media influencers are one of the newest jobs to surface after social media really took hold of the internet. An influencer is a person who holds a blog or page that receives a lot of attention and followers. These people will recommend products and businesses, showing them to all of their followers and getting the brands’ names out in the world, effectively marketing with a larger “word of mouth.”

How To Measure Your Instagram Success

While other social media platforms are decreasing in popularity, Instagram keeps on gaining traction. There are over 800 million users and counting. The platform is popular among different user demographics, especially with the younger user segment. About 59% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. Besides being a popular social media platform, Instagram is also very effective when it comes to organic engagement. In other words, it is easier to reach and engage more users organically on Instagram than any other platforms.

Top Social Media Trends Every Jeweler Should Know In 2019

As we gear up for another amazing year, it’s a great time to assess results from last year’s social media plan and see how you can improve it in 2019. To help, we’ve gathered a few of the top social media trends for 2019 that you should take note of and incorporate into your social media strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Guides That Jewelers Should Read

To maximize the efficiency of your online marketing, it’s important to understand the different psychologies of users across different social media platforms. Luckily, the intent of users on Pinterest is very clear: they have the intent to buy.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

With the amount of social media platforms out there, putting up the right post for the right audience on the right site can be overwhelming. How can you separate your brand from the sheer volume of voices that are constantly chattering on social media? Simply put, you need to optimize your posts for each social network.

Top 5 Content Ideas To Make Your Social Media Sparkle This Holiday Season

Looking for some fun ways to keep your social media exciting and engaging this holiday season? Here are some ideas.

Secrets to Delivering the Best Customer Service on Social Media

Let’s face it, the lifeblood of any retail business depends on the happiness of your customers. Now, with most customers seeking support online it’s important to provide the same impeccable customer service on the web just as you would in-store. Here are a few social media customer service fundamentals you shouldn’t ignore.

Virality, YouTube, and Metadata

One of the most prominent ways to promote one’s brand in the Information Age is by way of “virality.” Virality isn’t a new concept in branding or advertisement, but the internet provides an environment in which information can be atomized and distributed by individuals, rather than by magazine editors or billboard companies.

Creating A Well-Planned Facebook Ads Strategy

“Social media success” is more than posting. Many times a store adopts a “post it and forget it” mentality. However, there is a lot of work to be done after you’ve made the post as well. Most of your success with Facebook will come from running paid ads, monitoring the campaigns, and adjusting.

Top 5 Must-Have Social Media Tools For Jewelry Brands And Stores

In the world of social media marketing, each day brings new challenges as well as opportunities for businesses. As hard as it is to stay on top of the latest algorithm change or a new app feature, it’s essential for jewelry brands and retailers to look ahead and plan their social media strategy accordingly. To help you navigate the ever changing social media landscape, we’ve compiled the top three trends you need to know right now.

How to Use Social Ads to Promote Your Online Jewelry Store

Many retailers are aware of the tools they should use in order to promote their products, in this case, jewelry. Yet, not many retailers dedicate the time necessary to learn the appropriate tools or experience results. This means that if you decide to truly invest time and energy in the creation and maintenance of your social media ads, you are already way ahead of your competitors.

How To Successfully Promote a Facebook Event to Increase Foot Traffic

Many jewelry stores love hosting in-store events to drive foot traffic. Here are some advanced promotional strategies to make your Facebook Events as successful as possible.

Focusing Facebook

To describe it in analogical terms, Facebook is a bulletin board. It’s a bulletin board that’s only shared between friends, but it shares essential similarities with the corkboard of yesteryear. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the notion that appealed to people, or maybe it’s the way that the metaphorical bulletin board allowed friends and relations to comfortably share their innermost lives with each other, but regardless of the reason, Facebook is the power player of the social media sphere.

Dos and Dont’s For Successful Facebook Events – For Jewelers

There are many jewelers out there who create a Facebook Event and leave it at that. Unfortunately, this is problematic. Here are a couple quick dos and dont's for running successful Facebook events.

Top 3 Social Media Trends Every Jeweler And Jewelry Brand Needs To Know Now

In the world of social media marketing, each day brings new challenges as well as opportunities for businesses. As hard as it is to stay on top of the latest algorithm change or a new app feature, it’s essential for jewelry brands and retailers to look ahead and plan their social media strategy accordingly. To help you navigate the ever changing social media landscape, we’ve compiled the top three trends you need to know right now.

How Jewelers Can Get the Most Bang for Their Social Media Buck

Ensuring you get optimal results from your digital marketing efforts is not as simple as pouring money into Facebook or Google Ads. Money is important for visibility in the digital space, but there is some groundwork that must be done to ensure you are getting the most value for every penny you put into social.

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Jewelry Brand

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms for advertising eCommerce retailers. To start, it is one of the few platforms that can still generate organic growth. Unlike Facebook, which requires spending money to build engagement, Instagram can attract users by simply following, liking, or commenting on their accounts.

Facebook For Jewelers Part 2: Special Audiences

In the second part of this Facebook series, we'll learn about a variety of custom audiences that will help your Facebook strategy. Using custom audiences, pixel audiences, and lookalike audiences are an important aspect of maximizing your social media reach.

Content is the New Branding and #WomenWithPens

I am regularly asked – by brands, jewelry designers, and retailers – how they can justify and maximize their use of social media to get business value from it. I tell them all the same thing. Find your story, your perspective, your specific angle on the jewelry business and create content about it.

Facebook For Jewelers Part 1: Starting Your Facebook Marketing The Right Way

In this ongoing series, we'll teach jewelers a clear step by step game plan to help get their Facebook marketing off to a good start.

The Importance Of Facebook Ads In Your Digital Strategy

Facebook still remain at the top of the list for impact and value for your digital marketing efforts. But, its not free as you may think.