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How To Boost Your Jewelry Website For Bridal Season

Get ready. The tsunami is coming. All of those weddings that were canceled over the past two years are roaring back in 2022. According to the Wedding Report, 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year – the most since 1984 – making this a boom for retail jewelers.

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5 Biggest Instagram Challenges Businesses Face

According to Hubspot’s recent article, these are the 5 biggest challenges that businesses face when working with Instagram. What do you think?

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Choosing The Right Website Platform For Jewelers

Everything begins with your website. All your marketing will bring people back to your website, so it has to be on point.

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GemFind’s Interactive Tools That Help Jewelers Sell More Jewelry Online

If you’re looking for innovative ways to sell more jewelry online, there are solutions for jewelers of all sizes to be forward thinking and offer the latest technology.

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Demystifying Jewelry E-Commerce: The Cold Hard Truth About Selling Jewelry Online

Follow Gus Garcia as he shares his no-nonsense approach to selling jewelry online for both independent retailers and brands.

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How to Have More Fun With Jewelry Marketing

Many jewelry brands take jewelry so seriously that they forget the reason why people buy jewelry in the first place: no one needs jewelry, but shopping for and gifting jewelry is fun and memorable.

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Proven Revenue Growth With Shopify For Jewelry Stores

Join Anthony Arechiga, VP of Sales & Marketing at GemFind, for an informational session on revenue growth that jewelry stores have achieved on the Shopify platform. Anthony will review the benefits of Shopify, the key factors that increase revenue, and the overall e-commerce experience.

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Punchmark’s eCommerce Checklist

A checklist from Punchmark to help you plan your ecommerce strategy.

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Slow And Steady Wins The Marketing Battle

Are you setting realistic marketing goals for your brand?

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Top 3 PPC Secrets Of Success For Your Jewelry Business

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your jewelry business.