The Current State of High-End Jewelry Sales

With independent jewelers and small business owners currently capturing a remarkable 88% of the market share, there’s a blue ocean of sales opportunities for those jewelers who are ready to step up their service to meet the needs of busy affluent clients in our changing market.

How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Using Social Media

With 3.81 billion people active on social media, it’s a prime way to market and attract new jewelry consumers. As online purchases have grown year over year, social media has become increasingly more important to growing a jewelry business. Social commerce should be a major part of your digital marketing plan.

What is Social Commerce, and Why Do I Need It?

It’s clear that if social media is to become truly integral to ecommerce, it needs to evolve. The good news is that on some platforms, it already has.

Social Media Best Practices for Jewelry Retailers

As a jewelry retailer, there are several things that you can do to help bring your selection to your customers digitally over social media.

Top Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Store’s Google My Business Page

As a jewelry store owner, you can’t afford not be on Google. That’s how most customers begin their search online, even when shopping for jewelry. A recent study found that up to 92 percent of customers search and compare competitors before making a purchasing decision.

Facebook and Instagram Shop Primer – Being Successful with Social Shopping in 2022


How To Get Quality Traffic To Your Jewelry Store Website

So much time is spent focusing on optimizing things like customer retention, ad spend and social media that it can be easy to forget the core intention. What is the core intention? It is simply, driving quality traffic to your jewelry store website.

Creating Your Marketing Plan (3-Step Process)

A very basic example of what a digital marketing funnel looks like for jewelry stores.

The Power Of SEO For Jewelers

We will discuss the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the science of ranking your store’s pages higher in search engines like google.

Tips For Better Product Descriptions And SEO

Haig will dive into the importance of having a luxuriant voice to best describe your brand & products, backed with the right SEO strategy.