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Tips For Better Product Descriptions And SEO

Haig will dive into the importance of having a luxuriant voice to best describe your brand & products, backed with the right SEO strategy.

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What the Heck is Clienteling?

Clienteling has become a bit of a buzzword recently. At Clientbook we’d like to think we’ve played a small part in evangelizing this message. After all, we’ve come to be known as “The Clienteling Company.” That’s cool with us since we built our entire business aimed at helping retailers.

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  • May 17, 2022
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The Metaverse and the Future of Marketing

With Meta (formally Facebook) unveiling its “all in” approach to the Metaverse, it’s time to start preparing for what’s next.

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  • May 10, 2022
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Bridging the Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day Gap

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are two very important days for jewelry stores and retailers.

But often the time between those holidays is devoid of marketing campaigns until the next holiday is a week away.

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Local SEO – Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze in 2022

By now most jewelry store owners are aware of how mobile device usage has exceeded desktop computer usage. Today, let’s talk about how the majority of your customers will find and call your store: mobile map apps.

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How To Boost Your Mother’s Day Online Sales In 2022

According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, 83% of Americans planned to celebrate Mother’s Day, with spending totaling over 28 billion dollars for the occasion.

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve. Advertise Smarter, Not Harder.

The digital landscape is changing on a daily basis. Whether or not you are willing or able to adapt can determine your success in 2022.

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Secrets Local Jewelers Use That You Should Too

Local jewelers took a page out of the ecom playbook thanks to COVID. Now it’s time to return the favor by learning from what they do best.

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5 Ways Your Jewelry Business Can Benefit From A Social Media Audit

If you’re in the jewelry business, you can’t afford not to be active on social media. What better way is there to showcase your jewelry store, new collections and styles?

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The Clienteling Gap… And How To Close It

Based on Clientbook outreach to hundreds of retailers, we found that more than 90% of retailers said they collected and kept detailed information on their clients. However, when asked if they used that information to actively clientele, less than 20% said they do.

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  • April 8, 2022
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