Podium Webinar Posted: How To Successfully Collect 100’s of Online Reviews

We've posted the recorded replay of our recent webinar with Podium. In this webinar, you'll get some valuable key takeaways - why online reviews matter to your business, how to use online reviews to climb up local search rankings and tips and tricks proven to help businesses collect 100s of new reviews.

4 Marketing Insights From 2018 You Should Use in 2019

As consumer expectations change, companies are challenged with finding marketing tactics that seamlessly meet customer’s needs. In 2018, we saw four new marketing trends that enhanced the customer experience—helping local jewelers continue to own their backyard.

Smart Age Solutions Introduces New Review Beacon Tech

New York, NY— Smart Age Solutions is releasing the Review Beacon, a new product that embraces the vital power of onsite reviews. Review Beacon can help to increase the time customers spend on retailer websites, grow e-commerce sales, and help quickly build trust between brands and their website visitors.

The Best Digital Investment For 2019 Under $150

With the new year here, many jewelry stores and brands alike will be looking for new ways to spice up their marketing for reasonable costs. Well, I want to introduce you to a product that can really help your marketing approach this year - for under $150. Any guess what it is?

Jewelry Ecomm LIVE! Videos ready!

Take your digital marketing to the next level. Purchase the recorded replays from our 2018 Live! Conference.

3 Ways to Draw in Thoughtful Holiday Shoppers

According to Google, mobile searches for “thoughtful gifts” have grown more than 150% in the past two years while searches for “unique gifts” have grown more than 110%. Shoppers want to make sure that the gifts they are buying for their loved ones will be cherished. They are using the Internet to find these items as efficiently as possible.

Hybrid Advertising – Crossing the Borders of Traditional & Digital

As a full-service ad agency operating in all pockets of advertising, if we had a dime for every time someone said, “TV is dead”, we’d probably be living in a year-round vacation on our dream houses in Fiji by now. Without a doubt - TV, and all other forms of “traditional” advertising (Local Radio, Billboards, Print, etc.) has seen a shift in their audience with the coming of the digital era.

Quick Reference: Nuts & Bolts Of YouTube Advertising

There are a ton of different ways to advertise on YouTube. The first step is deciding whether you're going to make your own videos or want to simply show your ads during other peoples' videos.

The Augmented Engagement Ring

Physical reality often has drawbacks, particularly for a jewelry retailer. Stocking pieces can be an expensive, time-consuming process, and as tastes change, the problems of storage rise to the forefront. When can pieces be rotated in and out of display? How can retailers keep their products safe? An answer for the 21st century retailer is to simply abandon physical reality entirely.

Digital Tools Jewelers May Want To Check Out

Some useful digital tools jewelers may want to check out to improve their digital marketing and ease their workflow.

How Much Do Websites And Marketing Really Cost For Jewelers?

How much do new websites cost? This seems to be a question every wants answered. A good portion of the industry seems much more ready now than it was just two years ago to invest some money into a new website and an intelligent online marketing campaign. The question is, how much? In this article, I’ll explore what agencies typically charge for their services, what factors go into pricing, and how much you should (and shouldn’t) be spending.

Jewelers We’ll Lose In 2018

There is a slow demise of some jewelry stores out there. Their sales and revenue begin to decay, their marketing efforts become less effective, and eventually they become a shell of their former business or close altogether. These are the stores that in many cases, whether through a lack of understanding or slow adaption, have not embraced today’s online reality.

How Jewelers Can Screen An Agency Before Hiring Them

How can we make sure these "digital agencies" are as good as they say they are?

How to Avoid Digital Marketing Pitfalls

Digital Marketing - talk about a buzzword! Everyone’s an “expert”, yet most are not. The problem is that anyone can pretty easily launch digital marketing campaigns or even start a business. So it has been these last few years with “digital media companies” popping up everywhere. It seems that everyone offers digital marketing, even when it’s not part of their core business; brands, web companies, and even display companies.

Why Are Some Jewelry Designers OK With Using Weak Graphic Designers?

Why do so many jewelry brands accept and use weak graphic work on their sites and promotional materials?