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What Customers Are Searching For In Lab Grown

Liz Stamm, VDB



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Join Virtual Diamond Boutique for an insightful look into customer demand for Lab Grown diamonds. With the largest selection of lab grown diamonds in the world, VDB is well positioned to explore trends and industry insights. With tens of thousands of monthly searches, VDB data highlights the most popular cuts, carat weights, price points and more.

About Liz Stamm: Elisabeth “Liz” Stamm is the VP of Business Development for Virtual Diamond Boutique. Liz is an experienced manager of people and products in the Jewelry industry. She is skilled in Trend Analysis, Market Planning, Jewelry Manufacturing, and Retail operations. Not many people are aware but Liz is also a trained chef with a specialty in Health and Nutrition. With over 8 years experience running her personal chef business, Liz can whip up a delicious, nutritious meal just as easily as she can analyze a retail business to jump start sales productivity.

SEO Best Practices For Jewelry eCommerce

Faith Zaki Happy Cog

Faith Zaki, HAPPY COG


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Does your ecommerce strategy include search engine optimization (SEO)? If not, you’re likely missing out on *free* web traffic. Rather than leave potential customers and sales on the table, join Happy Cog Senior Marketing Manager Faith Zaki for a brief refresher on SEO basics and a deep-dive into specific SEO strategies for jewelry ecommerce businesses. Learn how your business can leverage SEO to drive more relevant organic traffic and to increase jewelry sales.

About Faith: Faith is the head SEO Manager at Happy Cog… a best-in-class, full-service web and mobile development, design, and digital marketing agency headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1999, twenty successful years later we’re currently a hand-picked team of 75+ strategists and thinkers including designers, developers, digital marketers, and project managers. Our clients range from large Fortune 100 companies to small startups and everything in between, across a variety of verticals. Happy Cog is one of Ad Age’s 2020 Best Places to Work and an Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company for 8 consecutive years. 

Social Selling: The Missing “Link” to Ecommerce Success

Kathleen Cutler


Slides are unavailable for this presentation

In this masterclass, virtual sales expert Kathleen Cutler will talk you through why your website visitors aren’t buying and what you can do about it. In this actionable talk, Kathleen will show you three simple ways to convert your affluent online browsers into buyers through old-school human connection.

About Kathleen: Kathleen Cutler, Modern Sales Expert for High-End Brands, holds the key to making younger (but affluent) audiences buy. Using her graduate diamond degree and her decade of experience in the industry, she has honed her skills with seven-figure brands to combine modern tech with retro-style relationship building – making sure no sales slip through the cracks, and clients keep on purchasing from you (again and again). She is a writer and speaker who has been featured in Rapaport, INSTORE, Atlanta Jewelry Show, NYNow, NYCJewelryWeek, JewelryEcomm Live and National Jeweler.

Leveraging Personalization in Jewelry Marketing

Laryssa Wirstiuk, JOY JOYA


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Thanks to new and emerging technologies like automation, AI, and machine learning, personalization is a hot topic in marketing today. In this presentation, jewelry marketing expert Laryssa Wirstiuk will introduce attendees to the topic of personalization and explain how jewelry brands can best use personalization both for attracting qualified new customers and maintaining long-term relationships with them.

She’ll review both the benefits and drawbacks of using personalization in jewelry marketing and then outline the best practices for implementing personalization, so brands can maintain consumer trust despite widespread concerns about data privacy. Most importantly, she’ll demonstrate how personalization can be scaled for any size jewelry brand on any budget.

About Laryssa: Laryssa Wirstiuk is the founder and creative director of Joy Joya, a digital marketing agency for jewelry brands. She’s passionate about helping jewelry entrepreneurs and innovators achieve their business goals through marketing. She’s the host of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast and also the author of the book Jewelry Marketing Joy: An Approachable Introduction to Marketing Your Jewelry Brand. Joy Joya is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency for jewelry brands founded and led by Laryssa Wirstiuk. We help jewelry entrepreneurs grow their businesses, so they can add more beauty and wonder to the world. Our digital marketing support services are comprehensive and varied, and we tailor our solutions on an individual basis, so each client gets a personalized experience, one that’s uniquely suited for their category, stage of growth, goals, and more.

How to Increase Your Online Sales in 2021 with a Shopify Website

alex fetanat
anthony arechiga

Alex Fetanat and Anthony Arechiga, GEMFIND


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GemFind will share success stories of jewelry stores switching from other platforms to Shopify in order to allow for their business to be positioned in a way that facilitates all business with an effective online presence. On this webinar, GemFind will also share exclusive Shopify Apps built specifically to help jewelry stores generate more business on Shopify.

About GemFind: GemFind is the jewelry industry’s premier digital marketing company connecting the jewelry industry to their customers. Since 1999, the GemFind Network has become the leading destination for the jewelry industry. GemFind.com and jewelcloud.com the jewelry industry’s one-stop destination for all B2B online marketing solutions, such as Website development and execution, online advertising and marketing, virtual jewelry and diamond inventory from hundreds of designers/manufacturers and diamond suppliers and online virtual tools.

The Marketing Mix: Tailored Strategies for Independent Retailer Jewelers



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In advertising, digital and traditional media have become a binary relationship that often get misinterpreted at first glance. Too often a time we find ourselves caught in a battle between the two, justifying one versus the other.

We struggle with juggling polarized differences in most areas of life – it’s nothing new. The winners, however, are the ones who see the bigger picture; and with that comes seeing the connectivity of it all.

Join Gus for an in-depth, thought provoking look at how you can analyze all facets of advertising from both ends of the spectrum, and tailor a marketing strategy that compliments both your business and your customers through the implementation of a true, robust marketing mix.

About Gus: Gus Garcia is the Director of Digital Marketing & Business Development for Bottom Line Marketing; a full-service advertising agency based in South Florida with a specialized focus on independent retail jewelry. Beginning as the Head Media Buyer, Gus was quickly promoted to Director of Media, where he was tasked with developing and managing an in- house digital division as well as overseeing all media operations. He has made a name for himself by developing media strategies that not only rang cash registers but were completely transparent and reportable. He now oversees overall business development and client relations; as well as serves vital roles with numerous organizations within the jewelry industry as well as a leadership role with Jewelers for Children. Gus listens, researches and presents strategies that repeatedly deliver ROI; growing his agency’s digital department and clients’ bottom lines through the roof.

The Digital Marketing and eCommerce Forecast For 2021

Emmanuel Raheb & Geishy Salazar, SMART AGE SOLUTIONS


In the midst of the most challenging social and economic period of the 21st century, businesses no longer have the luxury of planning for the e-commerce revolution; it’s here and building momentum.  In 2020, the world changed overnight, expediting the inevitable and leaving many businesses unprepared with more questions than answers on how to move forward.

Join Emmanuel Raheb and Geishy Salazar of Smart Age Solutions as they unveil winning strategies and technologies that jewelers need to be prepared with, as we head into 2021; The New Age of Innovation & Consumerism.

This session will go over the latest advancements and predictions in e-commerce, digital marketing, virtual consumerism, and how the jewelry industry can apply them in order to thrive and stay relevant in 2021 and beyond! 

About Emmanuel: Emmanuel Raheb is the CEO of Smart Age Solutions, a full service digital ad agency and trusted Premier Google Partner devoted to helping jewelers navigate the digital space. With nearly 18 years’ digital marketing and e-commerce experience, Raheb is passionate about helping and strategically growing national jewelry brands and local retailers alike. As an award-winning agency, Smart Age Solutions has made a name for itself by consistently producing breakthrough results and by pushing the boundaries of what it means to deliver quality for its esteemed clients. It is the agency of record for many of the industry’s leading retailers and enterprise brands.

What Leading Jewelers Did Right To Stay Successful During Covid



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2020 was a difficult year, but not for everyone! Stores that were successful during the pandemic had several things in common.

During this presentation we will look at 7 strategies that helped many stores grow and become more profitable during COVID. Their success will continue to shape their plans for 2021, and you should learn from them too.

About Thinkspace: Lake Giles is the Director of Operations and Sales at Thinkspace, the jewelry industry’s leader in website development and design. With an MBA in Marketing and multiple Google Ad certifications under his belt, Lake is an expert at helping independent jewelers navigate the complexities of the digital world for their businesses.

Thinkspace is the jewelry industry’s leading website platform, with more than 500 independent retailer websites powered by its software. Thinkspace provides integrated connections to every major jewelry inventory system and offers a Cloud inventory of over 600,000 products from more than 600 brands and manufacturers, making it easy for their retailers to compete in the digital world. The Thinkspace platform is constantly evolving as new functionality and features are built into the system and made available to all of their customers at no additional charge. 

5 Crucial Customer Experience Changes For Your Business

Jason A’alona, PODIUM


As businesses across the globe reopen in a pandemic world, they’re finding one thing in common—their traditional customer experience offerings no longer cut it.

Customers have changed, and their expectations have altered significantly. Recent data shows customers expect more convenience, personalization, and effective technological use than ever before. And they’re more willing to switch to another business if those needs aren’t met.

As your business reopens and continues to navigate the modern market, you and your team will need to understand these new expectations, reevaluate your business model, product, and operations, and consider other critical factors of a constantly fluctuating pandemic status. If you want to seize the opportunity to get ahead, you will need to completely reimagine your customer experience—from the standpoint of the new consumer.

Join Jason A’alona to learn about the five crucial customer experience improvements you need to make to set yourself up for success, along with: 5 questions to consider as you reopen Key consumer behavior trends since Covid-19 Actionable tips for how to reopen successfully.

Free Tools To Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

Anish Desai, STAR GEMS


You have your website… but what is next? In this engaging session, we will share 5 tools that will enhance your customer experience and engagement once they visit your website.

Best of all, these are very easy to implement directly into any website. Each will forever leave a lasting impression for your visitors.

About Anish: Anish Desai, the President and CEO of Stargems Inc, known as America’s leading custom design house, is also the talent and innovation behind multiple technology platforms that enhance businesses and have created major digital transformations within the jewelry industry. His team has built and managed hundreds of jewelry retailers websites, operates the TextMeChat platform, and provides the resources necessary to make it easy for small businesses to create an impressive digital footprint.

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