Protecting Against E-Commerce Credit Card Fraud

Online Fraud is one of the scariest things a seller can encounter. Get the lowdown from expert Joseph Bambara on how to protect yourself. 

Joseph Bambara

Omnichannel: The Future of Jewelry Retailing

Dick Abbott and Ross Cockerham review today’s exciting and fast-developing OmniChannel marketplace and reveal your growing list of selling options.

Dick Abbott
The Edge


Ross Cockerham

Winning the Local Online Marketing Game: More Prospects To Your Site & Store

Even if you can’t and don’t want to compete with the megasites for national attention, the local digital marketing game is one you should focus on, play hard and play to win.

Larry Chasin

Leveraging Online Reviews For Success

Reviews are very important today and even alters how how Google rates you online. Learn how to get an impressive number of credible reviews to impress your customers when they find you.

Nick Miller

Lauren Ruggerolli
American Gem Society

Keeping Connected with the Ever Changing Millennial Market

Millennials are key to Bridal sales. Everyone wants them in their stores and they are growing daily in economic power. Get valuable advice on how to connect and stay connected with them in their digital world and how to sell them online and in the jewelry store.

Ali Moheet

Ray Moheet

Using Web Technologies to Drive Your Diamond Business Online and In Store

Learn the latest digital marketing techniques, target more qualified customers, compete with the big sites and build your diamond business.

Asaf Herskovitz
GN Diamond

How Inbound Marketing Can Be the Game Changer in Your Digital Strategy

Many stores and designers are missing a key piece of their digital strategy – a coherent content marketing strategy. Content is the backbone behind social media and search (Google). So how can we possibly hope to succeed without this crucial piece of the puzzle? In this seminar, you’ll learn how to leverage content to increase website traffic, increase store foot traffic, and do it all while keeping your budget low. Great for all experience levels.

Mike Hauben

Social Media Advertising and Ecommerce Options With Facebook and Instagram

From followers to influencers to content, this session offers you insights into social media promotion. See great examples of what works and why.

Caroline Stanley
Red Jewel

Understanding Digital Data and Customer Mapping: The Customer Journey

According to McKinsey, a deeper understanding of the customer journey can lead to insights that are 30 to 40 percent more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn. Therefore, understanding and optimizing the entire journey — not simply individual experiences — can create huge value for your company. Jennifer explains the process and how to make it work for your company.

Jennifer Shaheen
Technology Therapy

Site Strategy: Where The Best Websites Are Headed Today and Why

Website strategies seem to change with trends and technological advancements. You see website trends that were popular only a few years ago, now completely outdated. There are a lot of bells, whistles, and flashy buzz words. Matthew will try to demystify what is happening with sites now and explain what makes a great website in 2018.

Matthew Perosi
Sapphire Collaborative

The Importance of Online Store Merchandising

If your goal is to sell jewelry online, then start with the proper data and images. Avoid shortcuts as what you are selling is the data and not products online. In this session, we will talk about how to properly merchandise your online store and what to focus on when managing your data online.

Alex Fetanat

Online Selling: The Retailer’s Perspective

This session is moderated by Emmanuel Raheb, CEO, Smart Age Solutions. It features  Kristen Cherry Jackson, former Senior Category Manager for Jewelry at and bricks and clicks retailer Dean Nasifoglu, a principal at Wedding Day Jewelers in Minnesota. This session provides you with knowledge and experience shared by fellow retailers who have successfully worked the digital terrain.

Emmanuel Raheb
Smart Age Solutions

Kristen Cherry Jackson
21C Jewelry Solutions


Dean Nasifoglu
Wedding Day Jewelers

Using Google and Pay-Per-Click to Promote Your Business

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) has undergone a lot of changes in the last year and the pace of change is only accelerating. What hasn’t changed is Google’s dominance and importance. We’ll talk about what’s new, what’s not, and where it looks like things are headed. What does it take to run a successful digital marketing campaign in 2018? Topics will include a discussion of campaign types, best practices, things to consider, calculating ROI, and more.

Benjamin Rosenthal
Gap Up Marketing

How to Harness the Benefits of Retargeting, GeoTargeting and More

This session will demystify the cool new digital marketing techniques everyone is talking about and put you in the driver’s seat to use them for your company.

Gus Garcia
Bottom Line Marketing

Kendall Kennedy
Bottom Line Marketing