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5 Types of Email Marketing Automation for Your Jewelry Brand

Email marketing is still one of the best and most personalized ways to engage with both your prospective and current customers. Here are some ways jewelry brands and stores can automate it!

Fundamentals Of Growing Your Email List

One of the fundamentals of digital marketing - for any industry - is the collection of email addresses. Email addresses enable us to target people with intelligent ads on social media. Of course, it also enables us to email them with newsletters and other marketing materials.

How Jewelry Brands Can Cope with Email Fatigue

Be honest: how many marketing emails do you actually open every day? You may be subscribed to email marketing from your favorite clothing brands, entertainment venues, or local publications. But are you actually reading them? Or are you simply deleting them because you’re too lazy to click “Unsubscribe”?

Should Your Website Have A Blog?

The thought of blogging for your business can seem overwhelming. Blogging can be time-consuming if you’re not a writer and most people don’t know what to blog about. Today we’re going to share why you should start blogging today, how to get started and a few possible topics to write about.

3 Steps: How To Follow Up With Clients and Why It’s Important To Your Business

If you're not following up with potential customers properly, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Learn here how to properly re-engage past and lost customers.

Email Segmentation For Jewelers: Increased Email Marketing Performance

Email segmentation can significantly boost the conversion rates of our email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Jewelers have a few fantastic ways to leverage this strategy well.

Implementing Drip Campaigns In Jewelry Marketing

Email newsletters are a fantastic way to re-engage customers who already know and like our business. However, much of the time, they’re too general for specific marketing goals. Here's a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to add Drip Campaigns to your email marketing strategy.

Want to Build Trust with Your High-End Jewelry Store? Send One Key Email Today

Digital advertising in today’s world can be a tough space to navigate. As someone who sells high-end items online, you need a high-end digital solution with capabilities that exemplify your brand. You’ve done your research. You’ve read the case studies about social media advertising. Perhaps you’ve even tried your hand at social media advertising, but it just hasn’t cut it.

What Really Gets Eyeballs To Your Site? A Good Story.

Jewelers and jewelry brands can learn a thing or two from The Wrestling Coach, who has used emotional and/or funny videos to get enormous visibility to his gym.

Using a “Content Creation & Delivery Checklist” To Maximize Promotions

We need to take our content planning and distribution very seriously. Though, it’s sometimes easy to forget all the steps we need to take to make our content a success! This is way it’s important to have a CCDC checklist. This is a very simple document to reference each time you create a blog post or other piece of shareable content so you don’t forget any crucial steps while distributing it.

Looking Ahead: The Top Five Trends In Jewelry Digital Marketing For 2019

As we come upon the last month of 2018, and head into the 2019, we look forward to what the digital landscape will look like in the next year. In the ever-changing and dynamic world of digital marketing, a few trends seem to keep popping up! Here are the top five trends to watch for.

Content is King, and Video is the Crown

In today's consumer market, good visual content is the key component to enticing, impressing, and ultimately selling your customer. For a long time, all you needed was a compelling brand message or some really good pictures… but now, no one has the time (or patience) to read a long story about your “amazing” company. Nor does a simple picture speak a thousand words like it used to.

Using Content To Attract & Close Jewelry Customers: The PDF Download

I write a lot about Inbound Marketing, and the importance of content as your marketing starting point. Today I’ll explain a huge fundamental piece of your marketing campaigns - using content as lead magnets.

Want More Website Traffic, Jewelers? Write More Content.

There are a lot of people, I think, waiting to learn the secret technique of e-commerce. Unfortunately, there is none. What it really comes down to is getting qualified traffic to your site. And the way to get more traffic to your site is by blogging and producing more content for them to read.

How Jewelry Brands Can Use LinkedIn To Promote Their Line To Jewelry Stores

There’s no doubt about it - Facebook is the most powerful and important social media tool in the world by leaps and bounds. However, for jewelry brands looking to open new accounts with retail stores, LinkedIn provides a fantastic opportunity.

How Jewelers Can Attract New Customers With Content (Inbound Part 5)

In the last part of the Inbound series, we reviewed the Inbound Methodology - a step by step system for bringing new customers to your site, and guiding them all the way through the buying process. Today we'll cover the Attract phase, specifically, to turn strangers into website visitors.

Inbound 4: Beginning To Plan Our Content

Here are a few ways jewelers can start planning your content to be more relevant to your customers. In this article, we'll review the buyer's journey.

Inbound 3: How Jewelers Can Use The Inbound Methodology To Plan Content

Now that we know why its important to create content, we can begin planning our own inbound strategy. To do this, we must first understand the Inbound Methodology.

How Content Marketing Can Boost Your eCommerce Store

Whether your customers love cocktail rings or gold necklaces, you need to have a solid content marketing strategy to promote your eCommerce store in order to get it in front of your customers. If you are new to the world of content marketing or you want to master it for your business, you need to understand how it can boost the sales of your jewelry business.

Inbound Marketing 2: Why Does Content Matter So Much?

Ultimately, creating content shows your visitors that you're the person they should be working with. But, perhaps even more importantly - without content, you won't be found.

Inbound Marketing Magic: Content Is King

What if there was one thing we could do that would make our social media way more powerful, increase our SEO, and strengthen the brand loyalty we have with our customers? There is. Its called Inbound Marketing, and its a must-adopt philosophy for jewelers wanting to stay as strong as possible in the coming years.

Content is the New Branding and #WomenWithPens

I am regularly asked – by brands, jewelry designers, and retailers – how they can justify and maximize their use of social media to get business value from it. I tell them all the same thing. Find your story, your perspective, your specific angle on the jewelry business and create content about it.