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“Anyone Can Make A Website” – But It’s Your Risk.

It may seem like anyone can just throw a website together, but there are risks for not working with a professional on your website. Here’s a cautionary tale about an experience with a past client who decided to try it on their own.

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Which Website Design Platform is Right For Jewelers?

Oftentimes, jewelers will ask us to create a new website without knowing what website design platform to choose. However, the answer to this question truly depends on a number of factors unique to each jeweler and their own specific needs.


How to Increase Conversions by Building Better Product Pages

Product pages are where customers usually decide if they will purchase an item or abandon a site. Therefore, stellar product listings are essential for increasing conversions.

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Why Jewelers Should Opt for an Inbound Website Redesign

The days of having a static, brochure-like website are over. Your website needs to be interactive and specifically designed to attract interested buyers and then funnel them through a sales process. Learn how here.


5 Key Jewelry Website Improvements For Performance

One of the worst areas to cut corners in your digital strategy is neglecting to speed up your site. Here are a few (mostly) non-technical ways to increase your website’s speed and make sure those jewelry customers have a great user experience.


Why I Build On WordPress

A professional level Wordpress website may be a great option for jewelry store owners and brands.


Is Your Website Hurting Your Jewelry Sales?

The impact your website has on your store’s overall success is incredible. Learn some crucial tips for keeping your visitors happy and impressed.

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The Major Impact Design Has On Your Website Content

Planning and distributing your content properly is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. However, there’s something that I haven’t touched on yet that will make a huge impact on whether or not your content actually achieves results – and that’s how it looks visually on the page.


How Jewelers Can Use Landing Pages To Drive Sales

Every marketing campaign you run should bring visitors to specific page on your site that was carefully designed to maximize the results from that campaign. Learn more about using landing pages effectively here!

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E-Commerce For The Sake Of Foot Traffic

Your goal is to sell more jewelry. Does it matter if it’s from online sales or foot traffic to your store? Nope. Plus, preparing your website to be an e-commerce machine is going to have lasting effects on your store’s foot traffic, too.

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