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eCommerce: Should You List Product Prices On Your Website?

Should jewelers list their jewelry prices on their websites? It’s a surprisingly simple question that I often see asked. I thought I’d share the clear answer.


5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Jewelry Business

Blogging remains an essential tool to drive web traffic. The benefits outweigh the cost and it is still inexpensive compared to any other marketing activities. In return, you attract and potentially acquire prospective customers. Read on and find out why marketers considered business blogging as the holy grail of digital marketing.


Jeweler Revival Kit – Website Tips For Beating Covid-19

Many of us were not prepared for a sudden shutdown due to covid 19, but as business owners we must be resilient and work through any existing crisis. To do so, you need a few things in your business revival kit to help your business thrive.

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Bridging the Gap Between Online Website Visitors and In-Store Foot Traffic

Come learn how to convert website visitors to in-store shoppers by modernizing customer interactions and feedback utilizing their preferred modes of communication, leading to more in-store visits.

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Online to In-Store…Matching Your User Experiences for Top Results

This session will be filled with ideas on how you can deliver a strong online experience, while being sure it syncs well with the wonderful bricks-and-mortar experience you already provide to your guests.


Shopify Vs. WordPress – What’s Better For Jewelry Websites?

There are two primary ecommerce website platforms for jewelers – Shopify and Wordpress. Which do you choose? We’ll help you decide.


How to Write an Effective “About” Page for Your Jewelry Ecommerce Website

Writing an informative, interesting, and relevant “About” page for a jewelry ecommerce website is daunting for many jewelry business owners. It can feel like the equivalent of crafting an online dating profile or building a resume from scratch. How should you begin? How could you possibly use language to capture everything that makes your jewelry brand unique?


Mobile Jewelry Website Best Practices for the Holidays

As families are gearing up to enjoy their holidays together, businesses are scrambling to make the most out of the ever-important 4th quarter of the sales cycle. With thousands of companies implementing new strategies, one extremely important one is their mobile website.

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Landing Pages are an Essential Strategy for Retail Jewelers to Build Sales

Every Ad Campaign should bring visitors to a specific page on a website carefully designed to maximize sales. When a visitor clicks on an ad campaign it should take them to a page designed to encourage a jewelry purchase.

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Top Tips for Designing a Convenient Jewelry Website Experience

How do you design a convenient jewelry website experience and when do you know when it’s time to separate from the herd? Starting your own jewelry website or an online jewelry store is absolutely rewarding.

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