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Converting Online Traffic To Profit

Ali & Ray Moheet will help you understand your multiple traffic “channels,” what makes each of them unique, and how you can act on these traffic streams to increase conversions.

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Bridging the Gap Between Online Website Visitors and In-Store Foot Traffic

Come learn how to convert website visitors to in-store shoppers by modernizing customer interactions and feedback utilizing their preferred modes of communication, leading to more in-store visits.

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Online to In-Store…Matching Your User Experiences for Top Results

This session will be filled with ideas on how you can deliver a strong online experience, while being sure it syncs well with the wonderful bricks-and-mortar experience you already provide to your guests.

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Converting More E-Commerce Traffic into Bricks & Mortar Store Visitors

Learn how strategic User Experience can help you convert online visitors to in-store customers.

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Retail Realities: 10 Must-Know Realities to Help Your Store Stand Out From the Rest

From in-store strategies to technologies you need to know about to online marketing tips to ways to strengthen employee management while saving on operational expenses and more, expect to walk away from this session with action-oriented goals you can begin applying to your business right away.

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Understanding the Realities & Revenue Opportunities Based on How Consumers Really Shop

This eye-opening session will reveal the realities of how data, customer-centric experiences, internal business operations and external influences all impact customer purchases while shedding light on what can truly help optimize their retail operations in an effort to build more profitable businesses.

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The Importance Of Paid Advertising on Facebook

Facebook wants to deliver relevant content to its users, and Facebook wants to make money. This is a pay to play world and we are here to help educate you to navigate and dominate and grow your business in your market with the Facebook Platform.

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Building Website Traffic With Google Search Marketing and Google Shopping

Join Ron Dod as he explains how to use Google to acquire customers already searching for you with the most effective and easy to implement tactics.

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Get Down With OTT: Reaching the Cord-Cutting Bridal Consumers In Your Market!

Learn how to target cord-cutting bridal consumers in your market utilizing OTT (Over-The-Top) to bridge the gap between traditional and digital advertising!

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Mobile Strategies To Build Store And Site Traffic

Today’s consumer does her browsing online, and heads to the store when she finds something she really wants. If your digital presence isn’t creating store traffic, it’s time to up your game! In this session you’ll learn how to use mobile apps to bring customers into your store.

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