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Facebook Targeting Techniques 101 For Jewelers: Special Audiences

Learning how to use Facebook’s Special Audiences in your paid ads strategy will help you target the right relevant customers for your store or brand.


3 Things You Need To Know About Your Digital Footprint

Simply put, a digital footprint is the record or trail of content you leave through your online activity. Small businesses worldwide are discovering new ways to diversify the material they post online, that can really propel their growth and profitability. But how much do you really know about your digital footprint?


How Often Should Jewelers Be Posting On Social Media?

How often should jewelers and jewelry brands should be posting on social media? After all, you want to make sure you’re posting frequently enough to spread your brand message and promote your products, but don’t want to annoy your audience and feel spammy. Here’s the answer.


3 Steps to Turn Instagram Browsers into Buyers for Life

Brick-and-mortar stores NEED a second stream of revenue if they want to sustain themselves in our increasingly digital world. Here’s a fool-proof formula for responding to online inquiries.

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The Importance Of Paid Advertising on Facebook

Facebook wants to deliver relevant content to its users, and Facebook wants to make money. This is a pay to play world and we are here to help educate you to navigate and dominate and grow your business in your market with the Facebook Platform.

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Working With Influencers To Generate Foot Or Website Traffic

“Influencer” is a popular buzz word in the jewelry industry. This in-depth course will cover crucial topics explaining how to work with influencers to grow your online and offline success.

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Selling Jewelry With GeoFencing

Geo-fencing is a technology in that enables you to target customers based on location. In this session, you will learn how Geo-Fencing works and the best use cases and how it can drive traffic to your jewelry store and increase sales.


Moving Beyond “Boosted” Posts

Improve your Facebook game by moving beyond just “boosting” posts. By using the Boost button on your posts, you’re missing out on tons of features and functionality that the Ads Manager could have provided.


The Role of Social Commerce in Jewelry Marketing

If you run an ecommerce jewelry store, and you’re not already making the most of social commerce, then you could be missing out on sales by alienating customers who don’t want to disrupt their social networking to shop your site.


A 2020 Social Media Vision

It has been a whopping year of social media change. As we head into the new decade, we ponder on where social media left us and to what it is that we’re signing ourselves into in the new year. Following current trends, these are the expected social media trends in 2020.

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