Search Marketing & SEO

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Tips For Better Product Descriptions And SEO

Haig will dive into the importance of having a luxuriant voice to best describe your brand & products, backed with the right SEO strategy.

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Local SEO – Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze in 2022

By now most jewelry store owners are aware of how mobile device usage has exceeded desktop computer usage. Today, let’s talk about how the majority of your customers will find and call your store: mobile map apps.

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Top 3 PPC Secrets Of Success For Your Jewelry Business

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your jewelry business.


Writing SEO Descriptions for Your Jewelry Store Website

A few actionable tips you can take to improve your jewelry store’s search engine visibility.

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Writing SEO Descriptions for Your Jewelry Store Website

Writing a great SEO description for your jewelry store website seems easy — it’s just a couple of lines designed to entice people to click your online jewelry store’s link in the search results and go to your website.


Google Shopping: The Ultimate Campaign Strategy for Your eCommerce Brand

Today, a considerable amount of eCommerce revenue is driven by Google’s $150 billion advertising business, particularly Google Shopping Ads. Do you have a comprehensive strategy in place?

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How to Create a Call-Only Campaign in Google Ads for Your Jewelry Store

What if you don’t want people to click to visit your jewelry store website, but instead, you want them to call?


The Benefits Of Ranking #1 On Google For Your Jewelry Business

With over 63,000 searches a second and 5.6 billion searches a day on Google, there is no better advertising for your jewelry business than to rank number one within the search results for your own local area.

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How Much Should Jewelers Spend on PPC Ads?

As experts in the jewelry industry, we’ve helped hundreds of jewelers become successful when it comes to Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) advertising. One of the most common questions we’re asked before a jeweler signs up for our PPC services is “how much should jewelers spend on PPC?”


How PPC Campaigns Can Make Your Online Business Grow

PPC generates instant traffic to your website in a cost-effective way. With it, you can measure your marketing campaigns and gather data about your target audience. Also, pay-per-click campaigns help SEO and social media initiatives by acting as signals back to Google through additional traffic activity.