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Understanding Google Performance Max Ads

I recently wrote about Google’s new phase of online marketing, Performance Max ads. Today I’ll outline a little more about this new ad type.

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A Guide to Google Maps for Your Jewelry Store

When it comes to getting more local traffic to your jewelry store, Google Maps is an invaluable marketing tool. Not only does it help local customers find you, but it also helps you stand out from the competition and makes you discoverable by new customers.

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Google phasing out Shopping Ads – Switching to Performance Max Ads

Google Ads is replacing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns with Performance Max campaigns by end of Q3 2022.


The Benefits Of Google Shopping Ads For Jewelry Business

Is your jewelry store leveraging Google Shopping ads to maximize your sales channels?


Top Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Store’s Google My Business Page

As a jewelry store owner, you can’t afford not be on Google. That’s how most customers begin their search online, even when shopping for jewelry. A recent study found that up to 92 percent of customers search and compare competitors before making a purchasing decision.

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The Power Of SEO For Jewelers

We will discuss the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the science of ranking your store’s pages higher in search engines like google.

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Tips For Better Product Descriptions And SEO

Haig will dive into the importance of having a luxuriant voice to best describe your brand & products, backed with the right SEO strategy.

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Local SEO – Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze in 2022

By now most jewelry store owners are aware of how mobile device usage has exceeded desktop computer usage. Today, let’s talk about how the majority of your customers will find and call your store: mobile map apps.

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Top 3 PPC Secrets Of Success For Your Jewelry Business

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your jewelry business.


Writing SEO Descriptions for Your Jewelry Store Website

A few actionable tips you can take to improve your jewelry store’s search engine visibility.