6 Simple Ways to Get Jewelry Images Ready for E-Commerce

Product images are everything. In offline selling, your conversation with customers increases your sales, but in online selling, your jewelry images become your front liners.


Tips for Taking The Best Photos of Jewelry For Your Website

When investing in your jewelry store’s website it’s important to thoughtfully plan the photography of the jewelry you are selling to properly showcase the beauty of each piece. You may not consider yourself much of a photographer, but today’s smartphones are particularly adept at not just taking high quality photos, but making the object in your photo, in this case jewelry, look phenomenal.


Creating Social Content While 
Working From Home Pt. l: Still Life Product Shots

Consumers are active on social media now more than ever, making it crucial for your store to maintain an active online presence. While your business is disrupted, it may seem like a difficult time to create content. However, there are many simple ways to get creative from home and strengthen your customer relationships and brand image through social media content.


7 Ways to Build Trust For Your Online Jewelry Store

Building trust is the first thing required when establishing any form of relationship. It’s no different when selling online. In this post, we’ll go through how to build trust on your online jewelry store. Find out if you can adopt these practices immediately by reading on!

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A Dummies Guide to Jewelry Image Sizing Terminology

If you’re a jeweler who doesn’t have extensive experience in photography and photo editing, jewelry image sizing is probably one of the most confusing things you may encounter during and after your photoshoot. Hence, in this post, we’re going to explain the basics of image sizing so you can finally say adieu to blurry jewelry images.


First Impressions are Everything, Photographically Speaking

You only get one chance… to excite someone, engage them, entice them to want to see more. So why would you squander that chance? Why would you try to save a few bucks on inferior photography, when that might be the only chance you get to capture someone’s attention?


Jewelry Photography: Smartphone vs DSLR / Mirrorless Cameras

In this post, we’ll go through in detail the differences when using Smartphone and DSLR / Mirrorless cameras for Jewelry Photography.


Lifestyle vs. “White Background” Photography – Which Is Better To Show Your Products? (Part 2)

Last week, we examined the pros and cons of classic “product” photography on a white background. Today we’ll examine the benefits of using lifestyle photos properly across social and more.

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Lifestyle vs. “White Background” Photography – Which Is Better To Show Your Products? (Part 1)

Do you often find yourself torn between lifestyle and white background jewelry photography? It’s easy to get confused when you’re caught in a conflicted situation involving two desirable options with two different but appealing goals, which is why in this two-part post, we’re going to take you with us as we break down the pros and cons of using lifestyle jewelry photos and white background photos.


How to Photograph Jewelry on a White Background

Have you ever wondered how other jewelers get seamless shots of their jewelry products on a white background?Do you envy how it looks clean, professional, and sophisticated with the subtle shadows that add drama to the image? Photographing jewelry is tricky and challenging, but producing a final output that centers the buyer’s attention to your jewelry is achievable when you do it against a pure white background.