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Sharpening Your Diamond Sales “A-Game” With The Web and Digital Technology

In this two-part presentation, Asaf Herskovitz of GN Diamond and Mike Hauben of JewelryEcomm.com explore intelligent ways to use the web and tech to maximize your diamond sales capabilities.

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Evergreen and Omnichannel – The Two Most Important Things to Focus on in Digital for 2021

Recorded replay from Ben Smithee’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Consumers today expect an omnichannel approach to marketing, advertising, and customer experience. Learn how your business can leverage the full competitive advantages of digital marketing and social media, and prepare your business for successful growth.

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The New Jewelry Salesperson – Your Next Hire for the Digital Age

Recorded replay from Shane O’Neil’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. We’ll look at how taking a fresh approach to hiring staff and identifying their intangible traits that can help create more curated content and manage online assets such as the store website and product photography.

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5 Crucial Customer Experience Changes For Your Business

Recorded replay from Podium’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Join Jason A’alona to learn about the five crucial customer experience improvements you need to make to set yourself up for success, along with: 5 questions to consider as you reopen Key consumer behavior trends since Covid-19 Actionable tips for how to reopen successfully.

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What Leading Jewelers Did Right To Stay Successful During Covid

Recorded replay from Lake Gile’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. During this presentation we will look at 7 strategies that helped many stores grow and become more profitable during COVID. Their success will continue to shape their plans for 2021, and you should learn from them too.

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The Digital Marketing and eCommerce Forecast For 2021

Recorded replay from Smart Age’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. This session will go over the latest advancements and predictions in e-commerce, digital marketing, virtual consumerism, and how the jewelry industry can apply them in order to thrive and stay relevant in 2021 and beyond!

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The Marketing Mix: Tailored Strategies for Independent Retailer Jewelers

Recorded replay from Gus Garcia’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Join Gus for an in-depth, thought provoking look at how you can analyze all facets of advertising from both ends of the spectrum, and tailor a marketing strategy that compliments both your business and your customers through the implementation of a true, robust marketing mix.


Jewelry Merchandising For the Holiday Season (Online!)

Your website, social media channels and email list, are all perfect avenues to promote your jewelry pieces for holiday gifts. How you do this is just as important as your competition will also be optimizing their online presence for the holiday.


Preparing Your Digital Presence for the Holiday Season

It’s (getting close to) the most wonderful time of the year! Being in the jewelry industry, we all know that the gift of jewelry is not going away, even during a global pandemic– It may just be a different holiday for reaching all potential clients. The question is: where do you start?


What’s Better Jewelry Marketing: Google Ads or Social Media Ads?

Google Ads and Social Media ads are the two most important types of marketing for retailers. However, choosing which one to focus on can be a tough decision. In this article, I’ll review the primary strengths and benefits of each type of ad platform to help you decide.

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