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5 Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Website For Maximum Sales

While people do search online for fashion styles or gifts for loved ones, the bridal buyer is much more active and ready to buy. Before someone proposes they need an engagement ring, and your website is the perfect place to start! Here are some tips for improving their user experience on your website.

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The Evolving Cyber Security Threat To The Jewelry Industry

Recorded replay from Dutch Holland-Merten’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. The seminar will cover the evolving threats and risks to all retail areas especially jewelers and will aim to provide education on how to avoid these new security issues.

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How To Promote Your Jewelry on FREE Google Product Listings

Recorded replay from Brian Frankel’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Join us for this 45-minute interactive marketing workshop where we will show you step-by-step how to get your jewelry promoted for FREE on Google Product Listings. At the end of this workshop you’ll be able to set up Google Product Shopping Campaigns and more!

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business with the Best E-Commerce Strategies

Recorded replay from Ross Cockerham’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Learn about what successful retailers have grasped in 2020 that will catapult them into 2021 and make their businesses withstand any future recession or pandemic.

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How to Increase Your Online Sales in 2021 with a Shopify Website

Recorded replay from GemFind’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. GemFind will share success stories of jewelry stores switching from other platforms to Shopify in order to allow for their business to be positioned in a way that facilitates all business with an effective online presence.

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Leveraging Personalization in Jewelry Marketing

Recorded replay from Laryssa Wirstiuk’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Thanks to new and emerging technologies like automation, AI, and machine learning, personalization is a hot topic in marketing today. In this presentation, jewelry marketing expert Laryssa Wirstiuk will introduce attendees to the topic of personalization and explain how jewelry brands can best use personalization both for attracting qualified new customers and maintaining long-term relationships with them.

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Social Selling: The Missing Link to Ecommerce Success

Recorded replay from Kathleen Cutler’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. In this masterclass, virtual sales expert Kathleen Cutler will talk you through why your website visitors aren’t buying and what you can do about it. In this actionable talk, Kathleen will show you three simple ways to convert your affluent online browsers into buyers through old-school human connection.


4 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness Through PPC

PPC advertising is one of the most effective means for retailers to build brand awareness, collect leads, and generate revenue online. Here are some proven ways to use PPC effectively with high ROI.


How to Sell Jewelry in the New Normal

If you were struggling before COVID-19, you will struggle more post-crisis, that is if you’re still in business. Thankfully, you don’t have to just sit and watch your business crumbles amid the coronavirus crisis. In this post, we’re going to give you some adaptive approaches to selling jewelry in the new normal, so get ready to reinvent your business.


Preparing Your Digital Presence for the Holiday Season

It’s (getting close to) the most wonderful time of the year! Being in the jewelry industry, we all know that the gift of jewelry is not going away, even during a global pandemic– It may just be a different holiday for reaching all potential clients. The question is: where do you start?

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