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Understanding Google Performance Max Ads

I recently wrote about Google’s new phase of online marketing, Performance Max ads. Today I’ll outline a little more about this new ad type.


The Benefits Of Google Shopping Ads For Jewelry Business

Is your jewelry store leveraging Google Shopping ads to maximize your sales channels?


Facebook and Instagram Shop Primer – Being Successful with Social Shopping in 2022


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How To Boost Your Jewelry Website For Bridal Season

Get ready. The tsunami is coming. All of those weddings that were canceled over the past two years are roaring back in 2022. According to the Wedding Report, 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year – the most since 1984 – making this a boom for retail jewelers.


How to Write Product Descriptions for Earrings

When it comes to writing product descriptions for earrings, you don’t need to be Shakespeare. You just have to…”write” as the literary luminary Neil Gaiman put it. But what exactly are you going to write about?

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Understanding the Buyer Journey: Six Tips Every Motivated eCommerce Brand Needs for Success

The balance of power has shifted from the brand to the consumer in most situations. This means that, in the current paradigm, working to understand the buyer journey is more important than ever before.

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Two Things Retailers Must do to Maximize Holiday Shopping

Summer is over. Kids are going back to school. Weather is cooling. Football is back. This can mean only one thing: the holiday buying season is starting to ramp up.


6 Simple Ways to Get Jewelry Images Ready for E-Commerce

Product images are everything. In offline selling, your conversation with customers increases your sales, but in online selling, your jewelry images become your front liners.


Simple Strategies To Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

Lead generation is not just about getting as many contacts as you can. It’s about making sure that these contacts lead to a successful jewelry sale and become a long-term customer. Leads are more than just a number. They’re your lifeblood.


5 Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Website For Maximum Sales

While people do search online for fashion styles or gifts for loved ones, the bridal buyer is much more active and ready to buy. Before someone proposes they need an engagement ring, and your website is the perfect place to start! Here are some tips for improving their user experience on your website.