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Webinar Replay: Using Abandoned Cart Retargeting To Increase Sales

Your digital ads can target the perfect person for your product, lead them all the way through the conversion funnel, and then the cart is abandoned! Watch this recorded replay of our webinar to learn how you can leverage abandoned cart retargeting to increase sales.


Webinar Thurs, June 18, 2PM EST: “Using Abandoned Cart Retargeting To Increase Sales”

Join our webinar to learn how you can utilize abandoned cart retargeting to increase sales. ACRT has the capability to capture your target consumer who has visited your website and left items in their shopping cart without finishing the checkout process.

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Webinar Replay: Acquiring An Online Customer Base Using Google

In this Webinar, Ron Dod from Visiture – an eCommerce Marketing agency with experience in the jewelry industry – explains how to get your jewelry store or brand up and running in today’s eCommerce ecosystem. We’ll learn how to create a strong digital foundation (that leverages Google) which will help you acquire customers that will prepare your store for long-term success.


Essential eCommerce Advertising Tips to Drive More Sales

Retailers want to generate more sales. That’s pretty much a given. Thankfully, in the age of the internet, eCommerce advertising tips are just a couple of clicks away. The fact is that there are tons of digital marketing strategies to boost sales. Here are some of the best.

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Converting Online Traffic To Profit

Ali & Ray Moheet will help you understand your multiple traffic “channels,” what makes each of them unique, and how you can act on these traffic streams to increase conversions.

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Converting More E-Commerce Traffic into Bricks & Mortar Store Visitors

Learn how strategic User Experience can help you convert online visitors to in-store customers.

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Building Website Traffic With Google Search Marketing and Google Shopping

Join Ron Dod as he explains how to use Google to acquire customers already searching for you with the most effective and easy to implement tactics.

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Crypto-Currency In Your Jewelry Store

Jared Silver, President of retailer Stephen Silver in in Silicon Valley’s Redwood City, speaks on crypto currency and how accepting it can help you build store and site traffic.


13 Simple eCommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

No matter if the company is brand new or doing millions in sales per year, scaling an eCommerce business through increased sales is a necessity. However, all businesses go through ebbs and flows. Tactics can grow stale and generating more conversions can become a challenging process. Worse yet, business owners can sometimes find themselves at a loss for new ideas for increasing eCommerce sales.


Lead Generation vs. Lead Nurturing: Marketing For Jewelers

With online shopping and consumer research for jewelry-related products increasing each year (up 58% from 2018 and 81% respectively) building an online presence is no longer a luxury for jewelers; it is now a must. One of the best ways to stimulate more business online is with lead generation.

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