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5 Email Marketing Strategies To Test In Your Jewelry Business In 2022

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels available for jewelry businesses. No other marketing method has had the longevity and staying power of email. It’s been here since the beginning of the Internet and with nearly 4 billion global daily email users, it’s here to stay!

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The Importance of Good Content for Digital Marketing & Advertising

Recorded replay from Brian Lazar’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Take a journey as we discover some of the differences between “good” and “bad” creative content, and the astounding impact it can have on your brand. This session will showcase those differences, including practical ways to assess your existing content.


4 Strategies to Promote Your Jewelry Content in 2021

Content marketing is the focus of over 60% of B2C marketers. When you write good content – the type of content people want to share – you need to promote it to the world. You don’t want to regurgitate the same thing everyone else is saying because it’s not special or unique.


Email Marketing Helps You Reach Customers

Is a premium experience worth it? As a jeweler, you understand “premium” equals the best service you can provide a customer. Convincing your customer to spend the extra money for that premium is the challenge of sales.


4 Ways to Increase Email Signups for Your Jewelry Store

Email is still the most direct, high-converting marketing channel available to retailers. Here are some ways to grow that list.

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3 Jewelry Blogging Ideas For Content People Want to Read

Writing for the jewelry industry is difficult. Where do you start? It’s challenging, but it’s not impossible to write about jewelry. Your goal should be to educate rather than tell your audience about the history of necklaces or try and make a product description into a blog post.


3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Jewelry Sales This Holiday Season

This holiday season is going to be very interesting. Here are some pointers on creating a winning email marketing formula for end-of-the-year success.


How to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value with Email Marketing

The fact of the matter is that acquiring new customers costs quite a bit of money – it costs roughly five times more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones.

Therefore, it is the fiscally responsible thing (in most cases) for merchants to spend more time figuring out how to increase customer lifetime value (CLV) than to work on converting new shoppers.


How to Craft Welcome Emails to Engage Your Subscribers

An email welcome series is an important piece of your marketing. It will set the tone of your relationship with the customer going forward and can decide how long they stay subscribed and engaged with your brand.

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5 Interesting Jewelry Blog Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Are you looking forward to brainstorming jewelry blog ideas to drive traffic to your business blog? Once you have created your jewelry blog, you’ll discover that coming up with consistent killer ideas is one of the hardest parts of business blogging.