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5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Jewelry Business

Blogging remains an essential tool to drive web traffic. The benefits outweigh the cost and it is still inexpensive compared to any other marketing activities. In return, you attract and potentially acquire prospective customers. Read on and find out why marketers considered business blogging as the holy grail of digital marketing.


Social Media Posting Strategies For Jewelers During Covid-19

These are especially trying times to be running a business. Now that many of our storefronts are in temporary states of closure, most are forced to rely on digital means to bring in customers, with social media being a prime way to do so. But you may be struggling to understand what kind of content is both favorable and appropriate in our current global situation.


Do You Have A Content Creator?

Social Media is becoming highly specialized. Even if you are working with an agency, there is only so much a third party can provide based on time and money. While they can be essential in driving strategy and managing advertising placement and buys, more and more retailers have someone internal to supplement those efforts, the Content Curator.


The Right Way to Reach Out to Your Email List

Stop Writing the Same Old Ineffective Sales Emails! There are a few types of emails that can help readers get to know, like, and trust you – ultimately leading to sales.

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How Jewelers Can Use Content to Dominate Search Engines and Win Customers

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve probably heard us say that content marketing is important when it comes to growing your jewelry store’s online presence. When done correctly, it can increase brand awareness, advocacy, and lead to more sales. The problem is most jewelers are doing it wrong.


How Jewelers Can Maximize The Business Impact Of Their Blog Posts

Blog posts can be real tools that impact a jeweler’s foot traffic, website traffic, social media engagement, search engine visibility, brand authority, and online marketing capabilities. Here are some things to think about when producing your blog posts.

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Why Blogging Is Still Vital For A Jeweler’s Overall Business Success

There are still many businesses who don’t understand the power of a good blog post. Great content – articles, videos, and more – will ALWAYS get higher click through rates than an ad.


The Necessity of SEO and Content Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

When people go looking for products and services they need, they enter a frame of mind that marketers call the “marketing funnel”. The marketing funnel is a description of the self-sorting that potential customers go through during their search of the market.


Can Lead Magnets Attract More Shoppers?

If you run a successful sales funnels then lead magnets might be part of that campaign. What are lead magnets? Often called “opt-in offers,” “opt-in bribe” or “content bribes.” 


5 Types of Email Marketing Automation for Your Jewelry Brand

Email marketing is still one of the best and most personalized ways to engage with both your prospective and current customers. Here are some ways jewelry brands and stores can automate it!

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