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Understanding ECommerce Data #9: Percentage Of Returning Customers

In part 9 of our Ecommerce Data series, we’ll take a look at Percentage Of Returning Customers – a highly important metric for jewelers.


Understanding ECommerce Data #8: Customer Acquisition Cost

In part 8 of our Understanding Jewelry Ecommerce Data series, we’ll review tips on calculating and lowering your Customer Acquisition Cost.


Understanding ECommerce Data #7: Revenue By Traffic Source

In part 7 of our Understanding Jewelry Ecommerce Data series, we’ll learn why looking at Revenue By Traffic Source is so important and learn how to track it.


GemFind’s Click Data Shows Vital Marketing Insights

GemFind just released some great data to help jewelers market their stores and websites better.


Understanding ECommerce Data #6: Social Media Conversion Rate

In part 6 of our Understanding Jewelry Ecommerce Data series, we’ll learn how to measure your Social Media Conversion Rate.


Understanding ECommerce Data #5: Email Conversion Rate

Did you know that email converts 175% more conversions than social media? In part 5 of the series, we’ll learn about Email Conversion Rate.

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Understanding ECommerce Data #4: Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment rate is often as high as 82%, which is a major issue for jewelry ecommerce brands and jewelry stores. Discovering whether cart abandonment is a problem for your site is a major step to improving your sales.

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Understanding ECommerce Data #3: Average Order Value

How are you going to get your customers to spend more tomorrow if you don’t know what they are spending today? Average Order Value is a very important metric to track over time.

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Understanding ECommerce Data #2: Sales Conversion Rate

My article last week was the first in this series of learning how to read and understand e-commerce data for jewelers. Today I’m going to cover another very important stat for jewelry marketers to understand: Sales Conversion Rate.


Understanding ECommerce Data #1: Customer Lifetime Value

If you’re involved in your company’s marketing, you probably hear about using “data” properly. What does this mean? We’ll start with Customer Lifetime Value.

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