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Webinar Replay: Acquiring An Online Customer Base Using Google

In this Webinar, Ron Dod from Visiture – an eCommerce Marketing agency with experience in the jewelry industry – explains how to get your jewelry store or brand up and running in today’s eCommerce ecosystem. We’ll learn how to create a strong digital foundation (that leverages Google) which will help you acquire customers that will prepare your store for long-term success.


Essential eCommerce Advertising Tips to Drive More Sales

Retailers want to generate more sales. That’s pretty much a given. Thankfully, in the age of the internet, eCommerce advertising tips are just a couple of clicks away. The fact is that there are tons of digital marketing strategies to boost sales. Here are some of the best.


Economic Slowdowns Can Be Golden Opportunities for eCommerce Brands

Amidst a global pandemic and financial uncertainty, tensions are currently running high for nearly everybody. As the threat of falling sales approaches, marketing is often one of the first budget items to be downsized. After all, if no one is buying, what is the point in marketing products? This mindset is a grim mistake.


13 Simple eCommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

No matter if the company is brand new or doing millions in sales per year, scaling an eCommerce business through increased sales is a necessity. However, all businesses go through ebbs and flows. Tactics can grow stale and generating more conversions can become a challenging process. Worse yet, business owners can sometimes find themselves at a loss for new ideas for increasing eCommerce sales.


Retarget Marketing: Why It’s So Essential For eCommerce Sales

Here’s a hard truth about the eCommerce industry: 98 percent of consumers don’t buy on their first visit to a brand’s site. In fact, it takes multiple interactions with a company before a consumer is willing to purchase. According to Salesforce, it takes six to eight touches to generate a sale. It is this dynamic that makes retargeting marketing such an essential tool for eCommerce retailers to employ.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020: How to Get Ahead of the Game

Effective eCommerce marketing tactics and methodologies have changed dramatically in the past five years, and the evolution shows no signs of letting up any time soon. As 2020 rapidly approaches, eCommerce marketing trends and strategies that will likely dominate the year’s proceedings are beginning to come into focus.

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7 Amazon PPC Strategies for Holiday Sales

Q4 can be a wild and hectic time for any retail business, and with competition fiercer than ever in the eCommerce sphere, online retailers are looking to leverage any advantage to get their messages out. Amazon captures a staggering market share of online holiday shoppers, so competing on their platform is crucial for most businesses—but how can yours gain the competitive edge?

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How to Increase Conversions by Building Better Product Pages

Product pages are where customers usually decide if they will purchase an item or abandon a site. Therefore, stellar product listings are essential for increasing conversions.


Rise Above the Competition with Great Jewelry Product Descriptions

Learn how to craft enticing and engaging jewelry product descriptions to attract customers to your eCommerce site and boost conversion rates.


How To Measure Your Instagram Success

While other social media platforms are decreasing in popularity, Instagram keeps on gaining traction. There are over 800 million users and counting. The platform is popular among different user demographics, especially with the younger user segment. About 59% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. Besides being a popular social media platform, Instagram is also very effective when it comes to organic engagement. In other words, it is easier to reach and engage more users organically on Instagram than any other platforms.

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