The Necessity of SEO and Content Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

When people go looking for products and services they need, they enter a frame of mind that marketers call the “marketing funnel”. The marketing funnel is a description of the self-sorting that potential customers go through during their search of the market.


An Unadorned Generation: A Decline in Jewelry Demand Among Millennials and Possible Solutions

An Unadorned Generation” is an article by Ray Moheet, and focuses on the relationship between millennials, their shopping habits (particularly their large-scale shift to smartphone and internet shopping), and the future of jewelry sales.

RIGA, LATVIA – February 24, 2017: Facebook notification bar.

Focusing Facebook

To describe it in analogical terms, Facebook is a bulletin board. It’s a bulletin board that’s only shared between friends, but it shares essential similarities with the corkboard of yesteryear. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the notion that appealed to people, or maybe it’s the way that the metaphorical bulletin board allowed friends and relations to comfortably share their innermost lives with each other, but regardless of the reason, Facebook is the power player of the social media sphere.

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