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What Really Gets Eyeballs To Your Site? A Good Story.

Jewelers and jewelry brands can learn a thing or two from The Wrestling Coach, who has used emotional and/or funny videos to get enormous visibility to his gym.

Using a “Content Creation & Delivery Checklist” To Maximize Promotions

We need to take our content planning and distribution very seriously. Though, it’s sometimes easy to forget all the steps we need to take to make our content a success! This is way it’s important to have a CCDC checklist. This is a very simple document to reference each time you create a blog post or other piece of shareable content so you don’t forget any crucial steps while distributing it.

How To Get Your Jewelry Photos Noticed On Instagram

If you’ve spent any amount of time scrolling through your Instagram feed - especially while browsing hashtags like #jewelrylovers, #jewelryoftheday or #finejewelry - you know first-hand that Instagram is crowded with literally millions of jewelry photos. How is any one jewelry brand supposed to distinguish itself in such a vast sea of sparkle?

Podium Webinar Posted: How To Successfully Collect 100’s of Online Reviews

We've posted the recorded replay of our recent webinar with Podium. In this webinar, you'll get some valuable key takeaways - why online reviews matter to your business, how to use online reviews to climb up local search rankings and tips and tricks proven to help businesses collect 100s of new reviews.

Social Media Audit Essentials For Jewelry Brands

When the daily routine of posting, commenting and liking just seems monotonous, it’s time to take a step back and conduct a social media audit. Whether you’re currently in a social media rut or simply want to improve your social media presence, answering the audit questions below will be the first step in developing your brand’s social media strategy.

How Jewelers Can Use Landing Pages To Drive Sales

Every marketing campaign you run should bring visitors to specific page on your site that was carefully designed to maximize the results from that campaign. Learn more about using landing pages effectively here!

7 Jewelry Product Photography Ideas to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

What jewelry product photography ideas for Instagram have you tried and worked best in terms of building and strengthening brand awareness? Can you spot it in one of the ideas mentioned below?

Why Remarketing Ads On Facebook Work

Did you know that, on average, only 2 percent of your customers convert to sales on the first visit to your website? That means that the other 98 percent either never convert or are converting on later visits. Here is where Remarketing comes into play.

4 Marketing Insights From 2018 You Should Use in 2019

As consumer expectations change, companies are challenged with finding marketing tactics that seamlessly meet customer’s needs. In 2018, we saw four new marketing trends that enhanced the customer experience—helping local jewelers continue to own their backyard.

Better Websites With Color And Typography

Have you jumped onto the trend of redesigning the aesthetics of your website to appeal to millenials? The grey, muted colors that look like you’re selling Abercrombie jeans? Congrats. Your website now looks like everyone else’s.

An Unadorned Generation: A Decline in Jewelry Demand Among Millennials and Possible Solutions

An Unadorned Generation" is an article by Ray Moheet, and focuses on the relationship between millennials, their shopping habits (particularly their large-scale shift to smartphone and internet shopping), and the future of jewelry sales.

Why Your Jewelry Store Should Be Texting in 2019

It’s no secret that people love to text. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans under 30 prefer texting over any other method of communication. But consumers don’t just want to text with their friends and family. Recent research has found that 90 percent of consumers want to use messaging when communicating with a business.

How to Sell Jewelry Using Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

Do you want to learn how to sell jewelry using Instagram’s shoppable posts? By now, you should have already noticed those clickable product posts that let you instantly purchase the products you have your eye on with just a tap of a finger. If you’re curious and you want to know more about Instagram’s venture into social commerce, read on!

Call For Writers & Participants

We're looking to add a few more writers to our site, as well as find participants for our upcoming new Youtube show! If you'd like to share your voice and opinions on the world of e-commerce and digital marketing for the jewelry industry, here's your chance.

Smart Age Solutions Introduces New Review Beacon Tech

New York, NY— Smart Age Solutions is releasing the Review Beacon, a new product that embraces the vital power of onsite reviews. Review Beacon can help to increase the time customers spend on retailer websites, grow e-commerce sales, and help quickly build trust between brands and their website visitors.

Achievable Online Goals & Metrics For 2019

It’s impossible to start succeeding online without improving certain metrics. Believe in the process and the outcome will be much more achievable. Here are some metrics you should be focused on improving this year, which will ultimately result in more sales.

The Best Digital Investment For 2019 Under $150

With the new year here, many jewelry stores and brands alike will be looking for new ways to spice up their marketing for reasonable costs. Well, I want to introduce you to a product that can really help your marketing approach this year - for under $150. Any guess what it is?

6 Trends that Will Shape the Jewelry E-Commerce Industry in 2019

Reports revealed that while the e-commerce industry continues to grow, the competition is only going to be fiercer as technology advances and customer behavior and preferences evolve. Technology advancements and new business models are a force at work and consumers are continuously demanding more revolutionary ways from online businesses to close the gap between what they see online and what they feel when they receive their orders. Such demand puts greater pressure on online retailers.

How Micro Influencers Can Bring Customers to Your Store

Social media influencers are one of the newest jobs to surface after social media really took hold of the internet. An influencer is a person who holds a blog or page that receives a lot of attention and followers. These people will recommend products and businesses, showing them to all of their followers and getting the brands’ names out in the world, effectively marketing with a larger “word of mouth.”

How To Measure Your Instagram Success

While other social media platforms are decreasing in popularity, Instagram keeps on gaining traction. There are over 800 million users and counting. The platform is popular among different user demographics, especially with the younger user segment. About 59% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. Besides being a popular social media platform, Instagram is also very effective when it comes to organic engagement. In other words, it is easier to reach and engage more users organically on Instagram than any other platforms.

Top Social Media Trends Every Jeweler Should Know In 2019

As we gear up for another amazing year, it’s a great time to assess results from last year’s social media plan and see how you can improve it in 2019. To help, we’ve gathered a few of the top social media trends for 2019 that you should take note of and incorporate into your social media strategy.

Jewelry Ecomm LIVE! Videos ready!

Take your digital marketing to the next level. Purchase the recorded replays from our 2018 Live! Conference.

Pinterest Marketing Guides That Jewelers Should Read

To maximize the efficiency of your online marketing, it’s important to understand the different psychologies of users across different social media platforms. Luckily, the intent of users on Pinterest is very clear: they have the intent to buy.

3 Ways to Draw in Thoughtful Holiday Shoppers

According to Google, mobile searches for “thoughtful gifts” have grown more than 150% in the past two years while searches for “unique gifts” have grown more than 110%. Shoppers want to make sure that the gifts they are buying for their loved ones will be cherished. They are using the Internet to find these items as efficiently as possible.

Looking Ahead: The Top Five Trends In Jewelry Digital Marketing For 2019

As we come upon the last month of 2018, and head into the 2019, we look forward to what the digital landscape will look like in the next year. In the ever-changing and dynamic world of digital marketing, a few trends seem to keep popping up! Here are the top five trends to watch for.

Time to Shine: Tips to Boost In-Store Holiday Sales

With the holiday season upon us, this is one of the biggest and most important times of year for jewelry sales. While many shoppers have moved to online sales, there are plenty out there who value the personal touch of in-store shopping. Yet in a digital world, you still need to use online marketing techniques to tell your potential customers what you have that they want. Here are some holiday marketing tips.

Marrying Your Sales Team & Marketing Team Together With Online Strategies

Years ago, if you wanted to find information on a specific product, you would search out an expert to help educate you. In your case, this likely means people coming into your jewelry store with very little knowledge on their purchase, and relying on you - the expert - to help with their ring purchase. However, things have drastically changed.

Hybrid Advertising – Crossing the Borders of Traditional & Digital

As a full-service ad agency operating in all pockets of advertising, if we had a dime for every time someone said, “TV is dead”, we’d probably be living in a year-round vacation on our dream houses in Fiji by now. Without a doubt - TV, and all other forms of “traditional” advertising (Local Radio, Billboards, Print, etc.) has seen a shift in their audience with the coming of the digital era.

Quick Reference: Nuts & Bolts Of YouTube Advertising

There are a ton of different ways to advertise on YouTube. The first step is deciding whether you're going to make your own videos or want to simply show your ads during other peoples' videos.

The Augmented Engagement Ring

Physical reality often has drawbacks, particularly for a jewelry retailer. Stocking pieces can be an expensive, time-consuming process, and as tastes change, the problems of storage rise to the forefront. When can pieces be rotated in and out of display? How can retailers keep their products safe? An answer for the 21st century retailer is to simply abandon physical reality entirely.

E-Commerce For The Sake Of Foot Traffic

Your goal is to sell more jewelry. Does it matter if it’s from online sales or foot traffic to your store? Nope. Plus, preparing your website to be an e-commerce machine is going to have lasting effects on your store’s foot traffic, too.

Content is King, and Video is the Crown

In today's consumer market, good visual content is the key component to enticing, impressing, and ultimately selling your customer. For a long time, all you needed was a compelling brand message or some really good pictures… but now, no one has the time (or patience) to read a long story about your “amazing” company. Nor does a simple picture speak a thousand words like it used to.

Jewelry Ecomm Launches Software Partners Program; “Podium” First On Board

Our new Software Program has launched to offer even more resources to our readers. We're excited to announce Podium as our first partner!

How to Sell Fine Jewelry on Amazon

Do you want to sell fine jewelry on Amazon but don’t know where and how to start? Aside from the local and federal import, export, and safety regulations, Amazon implements strict rules and requirements for selling fine jewelry on its platform, and it requires an ample amount of time as you would have to read all the help files to ensure that you don’t miss anything or you risk getting terminated or suspended. But worry not! In here, you’ll find all the crucial dos and don’ts, tips, and other requirements to kick off your fine jewelry store on Amazon.

Using Content To Attract & Close Jewelry Customers: The PDF Download

I write a lot about Inbound Marketing, and the importance of content as your marketing starting point. Today I’ll explain a huge fundamental piece of your marketing campaigns - using content as lead magnets.

23 Tactics to Reach More Bridal Customers

There is no question that bridal customers make up a good portion of your clientele. They may start with purchasing an engagement ring, but with the right customer service, you can turn them into lifelong customers who return to you for all of their jewelry needs. How can you reach out to potential bridal customers? Read on to learn more.

Navigating the Online Marketing Channel: Marketing Strategy

As a recap, the adage to remember when thinking about navigating the online marketing channel is "Technology first, then Marketing”, because you only have one chance to make a first impression. At this point in our analysis you understand the website technology and data requirements you need to have in place before embarking into the online marketing channel.

3 Ways to Boost Your Visual Marketing Usage

The content you create for your customers is key to building brand awareness and loyalty. The way people interact with social media shows that consumers are looking for visual cues when shopping for jewelry. eMarketer found in 2014 that branded Facebook posts that included images earned 87% of all engagements. You may be surprised to learn that people only retain 20% of the text they read but retain 80% of the visuals they see.

Want More Website Traffic, Jewelers? Write More Content.

There are a lot of people, I think, waiting to learn the secret technique of e-commerce. Unfortunately, there is none. What it really comes down to is getting qualified traffic to your site. And the way to get more traffic to your site is by blogging and producing more content for them to read.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

With the amount of social media platforms out there, putting up the right post for the right audience on the right site can be overwhelming. How can you separate your brand from the sheer volume of voices that are constantly chattering on social media? Simply put, you need to optimize your posts for each social network.

Selling on Amazon: Pitfalls to Avoid

With over 300 million shoppers, Amazon is an attractive marketplace for virtually any type of seller. More than 80% of total consumers bought something online, and the vast majority of them likely purchased something from Amazon. It might shock you to hear that there are over 100,000 sellers with over $100,000 in sales on Amazon, but there are many more that aren’t breaking even.

Lifestyle vs. “White Background” Photography – Which Is Better To Show Your Products? (Part 2)

Last week, we examined the pros and cons of classic "product" photography on a white background. Today we'll examine the benefits of using lifestyle photos properly across social and more.

Polygon And GemFind Announce Strategic Partnership

For close to 20 years, GemFind has worked with jewelers and others in the trade to develop their online strategies. As part of the partnership, GemFind will offer exclusive website packages to Polygon members, as well as special pricing on digital marketing services, including product and social feeds, SEM/SEO, Geo Fencing, email, content, and more.

SEO Tips For Jewelers Who Aren’t Tech Experts: Formatting Images (Part 4)

Formatting your images is a very important - yet often overlooked - element to your search engine ranking. Make it as easy for Google to read your site as possible by providing some info about the graphics you upload.

Top 5 Content Ideas To Make Your Social Media Sparkle This Holiday Season

Looking for some fun ways to keep your social media exciting and engaging this holiday season? Here are some ideas.

Webinar Replay Posted: “Preparing Your Website And Online Marketing For Holiday Sales”

We've posted the recorded replay of GemFind's webinar from last week. Click here to check it out!

Lifestyle vs. “White Background” Photography – Which Is Better To Show Your Products? (Part 1)

Do you often find yourself torn between lifestyle and white background jewelry photography? It’s easy to get confused when you’re caught in a conflicted situation involving two desirable options with two different but appealing goals, which is why in this two-part post, we’re going to take you with us as we break down the pros and cons of using lifestyle jewelry photos and white background photos.

Thanks For Coming To Jewelry Ecomm LIVE!

What a great conference we had. Thanks to everyone who came! Read more here.

Human Connection Is The Key To Retention

Still think high customer satisfaction is the best way to get repeat business? The reality is that many of your competitors also have highly satisfied customers. If they didn’t, they’d be out of business. Anybody can sell a $3000 pair of earrings but what value are you providing other than the earrings themselves? What differentiates the top companies from the rest is that they are able to form positive emotional connections with their customers.

Increasing Google Rank vs Google Ads – Which Strategy Is Best For Your Jewelry Store?

Right now, there are two main ways to get found on Google - improving your page rank organically or running Google Ads. The most experienced agencies will recommend efforts in both avenues. But what approach is best for your store? Let’s examine both options.

3 Important Digital and eCommerce Investments for Your Online Jewelry Store

How digitally competent is your online jewelry store? Early this year, the Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry 2018 by L2inc – an intelligence business firm that focuses on the digital competence of different consumer brands – ranked Tiffany and Co. and Cartier as ‘geniuses’ among luxury jewelry and watch brands in terms of digital competence. While big brands are acknowledged for their digital investments, what are you doing to meet the digital expectations of jewelry consumers?

How To Rank In “Jewelry Stores Near Me” Searches

The majority of consumers, including the millennial generation, will use a search engine online to find a jewelry store, rather than using the phone book. This is a quick and effective way to find businesses nearby, but it will not include all businesses nearby. How can you get your business to rank in a search for “jewelry stores near me?”

Data Analysis Rule #1: Active Participation Required

At this point, I don’t think I need to convince anyone about the valuable role data plays in building businesses. Everyone’s heard how having the right information makes it easier to identify and connect with new customers, make better operational decisions, and become more profitable. What everyone hasn’t heard is that making full use of your data requires your active participation.

Webinar Replay Posted: “Mastering Online Sales Strategies”

We've posted the recorded replay of i-Showcase's webinar, Mastering Online Sales Strategies.

How To Drive Holiday Diamond Sales – Using A Growth Hack Formula And No Inventory Costs

According to Bridebook, It is estimated that approximately 100,000 proposals are likely to occur during the holiday season. Add to that, the increase in online bridal sales: Idex Online recently published a report that diamond jewelry sales hit a record $82 Billion in 2017 boosted by Millennials and Gen Z. More and more couples are choosing to shop online for their engagement and bridal jewelry. The sales potential here is mind boggling.

Beginner’s Crash Course: What Is SEM?

Put simply, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of increasing a website’s visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. It is an excellent medium for reaching both “hot and qualified” leads because it allows a business to reach a consumer at the very same moment in which that consumer is searching for a service or product provided by that business.

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