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We publish multiple articles each week to teach you the necessary skills to succeed with your digital efforts. All tutorials are written by the jewelry industry’s top digital experts.

OFFICIAL GUIDE: Complete Facebook Ads Guide For Jewelers

This in-depth guide will teach jewelers everything they need to create a successful foundation for their Facebook Ads. Screenshots included!

How To Enhance The Jewelry Retail Experience

Knowing the four C’s isn’t just enough when you run a jewelry retail business. Customers want memorable experiences and great stories that they can share with their loved ones.In this article, we’ll go through several emerging technologies that will enhance the jewelry retail experience.

Build Your Store With Brand Events

A lot of jewelry stores are taking advantage of the connection to their community and host events. These include trunk shows, community food drives, partnerships with other local businesses, and other similar activities.

What Is a UTM Parameter, and Why Does It Matter for Jewelry Ecommerce?

Even if you’ve never heard the term “UTM”, you’ve likely interacted with it before. Have you ever seen an unusually long URL (website address) at the top of your browser? If it contained a question mark at the end with the letters “utm” after it, then you clicked a link that was being tracked by the website owner.

How Google Decides On Your Ad Prices (And How To Lower Them)

In this article, we'll learn how Google decides on the pricing and placement of your Google Ads, and how to improve our ad ranking while lowering our ad cost.

Search Engine Marketing For More Traffic

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy used to increase a websites visibility in the Google search results page. There are two basic ways to make your website appear higher in the SERP. One way is by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the other is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

5 Tips for Generating Regular Content for Your E-commerce Jewelry Business

When you’re already busy with all the day-to-day responsibilities of running an e-commerce jewelry business, how can you find possibly find time for content strategy and creation? Learn here.

DATES ANNOUNCED For Our 2019 Live Jewelry E-Commerce Conference!

Jewelry Ecomm LIVE! 2019 Will be held Thurs, Oct 3 - Fri, Oct 4 2019 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Quality vs Quantity: Increase Social Media Success By Posting Less

How often should jewelers be posting on Facebook to see clicks and results? The answer may surprise you.

3 Steps: How To Follow Up With Clients and Why It’s Important To Your Business

If you're not following up with potential customers properly, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Learn here how to properly re-engage past and lost customers.

Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

Having an amazing product - and being able to market that product as effectively as possible - are two entirely different things. Learn some common mistakes companies make when running their digital marketing campaigns.

How to Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Jewelry Brand’s Instagram Posts

You may already have mastered the art of taking great photos for your jewelry brand’s Instagram feed, but you’ll also need to know how to use hashtags to get your photos noticed by users who don’t already follow you.

Personal Client Relationships – The Most Important Thing to Grow Your Business

Building personalized relationships with your existing customers may not be the squeaky wheel in your business, but it is the most important thing to do if you want to survive in today’s retail world. With the right strategies, you’ll see a 4x increase in the annual spend of that customer.

Marketing to Millennials: How to Sell Jewelry to Younger Consumer Groups

It seems like jewelers are led to believe that marketing to millennials or selling jewelry to younger consumer groups like the millennials and the Gen Z is a hard nut to crack. However, with the jewelry industry predicted to grow continuously during the forecasted period of 2019 to 2023, does it ever make you ask why millennials are not buying diamonds?

Do You Value Your Website The Way You Should?

The perception that the website is nothing more than an online brochure leads to a valuable marketing channel going underutilized – and in today’s competitive economy, that’s a mistake.

3 Customer Service Skills Every Jeweler Should Master

How your jewelry store interacts with its customers often determines how—and if—you succeed in the industry. This customer-centric approach keeps today’s customers satisfied while helping build loyalty for tomorrow. The quality of your customer service should be a top priority and serve as a barometer of your store’s success.

Social Media Strategy Essentials For Jewelry Brands

What exactly is a social media strategy? It’s a comprehensive blueprint highlighting all of your brand’s social media activities to help you reach your social media goals. Here are four must-have social media strategy pillars you shouldn't ignore.

Is Your Website Hurting Your Jewelry Sales?

The impact your website has on your store's overall success is incredible. Learn some crucial tips for keeping your visitors happy and impressed.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Reviews influenced search engine rankings by 15% in 2018 (Moz). This shows that you can no longer continue to ignore the importance of reviews. Recent research on Hubspot found that if you respond to a customer’s complaint and resolve the mistake, they will continue doing business with you 96% of the time.

Email Segmentation For Jewelers: Increased Email Marketing Performance

Email segmentation can significantly boost the conversion rates of our email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Jewelers have a few fantastic ways to leverage this strategy well.

Why Jewelers Should Learn About Facebook’s New Instant Experiences

In this article, we'll learn about Facebook's new Instant Experiences ad type and why it may be an interesting opportunity for jewelers and jewelry brands.

Striking A Balance Between Brand Awareness and Brand Identity For Your Jewelry Brand

You may have heard the terms “brand awareness” and “brand identity” - but did you know they’re not the same thing? Awareness and identity are two very specific goals that every jewelry brand should strive to achieve. Once a jewelry brand has created brand awareness and built a strong brand identity, that jewelry brand must continue to check and maintain the balance between the two.

How To Automate Sales For Your Online Jewelry Store

In this article, we’ll give several tips you can use to automate sales on your online jewelry store. Automation can be defined as to how far you can bring a lead down the sales funnel without any human interaction. We’ve listed below the top 5 tips that will push your leads as far as possible down the sales funnel!

Implementing Drip Campaigns In Jewelry Marketing

Email newsletters are a fantastic way to re-engage customers who already know and like our business. However, much of the time, they’re too general for specific marketing goals. Here's a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to add Drip Campaigns to your email marketing strategy.

Sales Funnels for Jewelry Stores, Part 2

In Part 1 of Sales Funnels for Jewelry Stores we covered the basics of sales funnels and how they were a powerful part of marketing even before the internet existed. Today we will look at how technology made it easier and more affordable to run an effective funnel. We’ll also share an example of a funnel using Facebook ads and email marketing.

Braving The Amazon

2016 marked the second year in a row that more retail stores closed than opened. For retailers, this is both a body-blow to their bottom line and a shocking prognostication about what’s coming down the pipeline for retailers. The source of this disaster for brick-and-mortar retailers is the rapid “Amazonization” of the retail marketplace.

Sales Funnels for Jewelry Stores, Part 1

Want to know how to track and ensure your next marketing campaign is successful? Then you need to know about sales funnels and how your jewelry store can use them correctly to increase sales.

How To Target Your Competitor’s Customers With Google Ads

A common Google Ads tactic is to target your ads against searches to your competitors. By displaying your ad when someone searches for your competitor, you know you're likely reaching a qualified customer with buying intent.

Want to Build Trust with Your High-End Jewelry Store? Send One Key Email Today

Digital advertising in today’s world can be a tough space to navigate. As someone who sells high-end items online, you need a high-end digital solution with capabilities that exemplify your brand. You’ve done your research. You’ve read the case studies about social media advertising. Perhaps you’ve even tried your hand at social media advertising, but it just hasn’t cut it.

3 Tools to Ease Customer Communication

With more ways than ever to reach your customers in 2019, finding the best communication tools can be difficult. Fortunately, we know of 3 that consistently stand out above the rest. In this article, we’re going to walk you through how each can be used to improve the connection between you and your customers online.

The Major Impact Design Has On Your Website Content

Planning and distributing your content properly is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. However, there's something that I haven't touched on yet that will make a huge impact on whether or not your content actually achieves results - and that's how it looks visually on the page.

Job Opening: Marketing Manager for Lippa’s Estate and Fine Jewelry in Vermont

Do you have a limitless curiosity for period, estate, and antique jewelry? How about photographing amazing jewelry and maintaining relationships with thousands of virtual fans? Lippa’s Estate and Fine Jewelry in beautiful Burlington, Vermont is looking for a Marketing Manager.

8 Jewelry Advertising Ideas to Attract Your Target Audience

Jewelers, consumers want to be wooed. This is one of the many significant impacts brought about by globalization. They are empowered now more than ever because of the plethora of options made available by the internet. You no longer control what they should see, hear, or buy. They are no longer passive trade participants who need to wait until you’re ready to attend to their needs. If you can’t meet their demands now, other jewelers will – in no time.

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Jewelry Brand

You’ve likely heard about the power of influencer marketing, and you may be wondering how your jewelry brand can benefit from influencers. However, you probably also feel intimidated by initiating the process, since you’re not quite sure what to expect or how to even approach an influencer. First and foremost, you must find the right influencers for your brand.

Find Your Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding your "customer lifetime value" is the first metric you need to know to accelerate your jewelry store's success. Learn why (and how to figure it out) here.

Online Reputation Management: A Step- by-Step Strategy for Jewelry Store Owners

The internet has changed the business landscape. Not only has it changed the way each of us conducts business, but it’s also changed how customers relate to us. In many ways the internet has made life easier for the customer while making things more difficult for the businesses that serve them.

Rise Above the Competition with Great Jewelry Product Descriptions

Learn how to craft enticing and engaging jewelry product descriptions to attract customers to your eCommerce site and boost conversion rates.

What Really Gets Eyeballs To Your Site? A Good Story.

Jewelers and jewelry brands can learn a thing or two from The Wrestling Coach, who has used emotional and/or funny videos to get enormous visibility to his gym.

Using a “Content Creation & Delivery Checklist” To Maximize Promotions

We need to take our content planning and distribution very seriously. Though, it’s sometimes easy to forget all the steps we need to take to make our content a success! This is way it’s important to have a CCDC checklist. This is a very simple document to reference each time you create a blog post or other piece of shareable content so you don’t forget any crucial steps while distributing it.

How To Get Your Jewelry Photos Noticed On Instagram

If you’ve spent any amount of time scrolling through your Instagram feed - especially while browsing hashtags like #jewelrylovers, #jewelryoftheday or #finejewelry - you know first-hand that Instagram is crowded with literally millions of jewelry photos. How is any one jewelry brand supposed to distinguish itself in such a vast sea of sparkle?

Podium Webinar Posted: How To Successfully Collect 100’s of Online Reviews

We've posted the recorded replay of our recent webinar with Podium. In this webinar, you'll get some valuable key takeaways - why online reviews matter to your business, how to use online reviews to climb up local search rankings and tips and tricks proven to help businesses collect 100s of new reviews.

Social Media Audit Essentials For Jewelry Brands

When the daily routine of posting, commenting and liking just seems monotonous, it’s time to take a step back and conduct a social media audit. Whether you’re currently in a social media rut or simply want to improve your social media presence, answering the audit questions below will be the first step in developing your brand’s social media strategy.

How Jewelers Can Use Landing Pages To Drive Sales

Every marketing campaign you run should bring visitors to specific page on your site that was carefully designed to maximize the results from that campaign. Learn more about using landing pages effectively here!

7 Jewelry Product Photography Ideas to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

What jewelry product photography ideas for Instagram have you tried and worked best in terms of building and strengthening brand awareness? Can you spot it in one of the ideas mentioned below?

Why Remarketing Ads On Facebook Work

Did you know that, on average, only 2 percent of your customers convert to sales on the first visit to your website? That means that the other 98 percent either never convert or are converting on later visits. Here is where Remarketing comes into play.

4 Marketing Insights From 2018 You Should Use in 2019

As consumer expectations change, companies are challenged with finding marketing tactics that seamlessly meet customer’s needs. In 2018, we saw four new marketing trends that enhanced the customer experience—helping local jewelers continue to own their backyard.

Better Websites With Color And Typography

Have you jumped onto the trend of redesigning the aesthetics of your website to appeal to millenials? The grey, muted colors that look like you’re selling Abercrombie jeans? Congrats. Your website now looks like everyone else’s.

An Unadorned Generation: A Decline in Jewelry Demand Among Millennials and Possible Solutions

An Unadorned Generation" is an article by Ray Moheet, and focuses on the relationship between millennials, their shopping habits (particularly their large-scale shift to smartphone and internet shopping), and the future of jewelry sales.

Why Your Jewelry Store Should Be Texting in 2019

It’s no secret that people love to text. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans under 30 prefer texting over any other method of communication. But consumers don’t just want to text with their friends and family. Recent research has found that 90 percent of consumers want to use messaging when communicating with a business.

How to Sell Jewelry Using Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

Do you want to learn how to sell jewelry using Instagram’s shoppable posts? By now, you should have already noticed those clickable product posts that let you instantly purchase the products you have your eye on with just a tap of a finger. If you’re curious and you want to know more about Instagram’s venture into social commerce, read on!

Call For Writers & Participants

We're looking to add a few more writers to our site, as well as find participants for our upcoming new Youtube show! If you'd like to share your voice and opinions on the world of e-commerce and digital marketing for the jewelry industry, here's your chance.

Smart Age Solutions Introduces New Review Beacon Tech

New York, NY— Smart Age Solutions is releasing the Review Beacon, a new product that embraces the vital power of onsite reviews. Review Beacon can help to increase the time customers spend on retailer websites, grow e-commerce sales, and help quickly build trust between brands and their website visitors.

Achievable Online Goals & Metrics For 2019

It’s impossible to start succeeding online without improving certain metrics. Believe in the process and the outcome will be much more achievable. Here are some metrics you should be focused on improving this year, which will ultimately result in more sales.

The Best Digital Investment For 2019 Under $150

With the new year here, many jewelry stores and brands alike will be looking for new ways to spice up their marketing for reasonable costs. Well, I want to introduce you to a product that can really help your marketing approach this year - for under $150. Any guess what it is?

6 Trends that Will Shape the Jewelry E-Commerce Industry in 2019

Reports revealed that while the e-commerce industry continues to grow, the competition is only going to be fiercer as technology advances and customer behavior and preferences evolve. Technology advancements and new business models are a force at work and consumers are continuously demanding more revolutionary ways from online businesses to close the gap between what they see online and what they feel when they receive their orders. Such demand puts greater pressure on online retailers.

How Micro Influencers Can Bring Customers to Your Store

Social media influencers are one of the newest jobs to surface after social media really took hold of the internet. An influencer is a person who holds a blog or page that receives a lot of attention and followers. These people will recommend products and businesses, showing them to all of their followers and getting the brands’ names out in the world, effectively marketing with a larger “word of mouth.”

How To Measure Your Instagram Success

While other social media platforms are decreasing in popularity, Instagram keeps on gaining traction. There are over 800 million users and counting. The platform is popular among different user demographics, especially with the younger user segment. About 59% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. Besides being a popular social media platform, Instagram is also very effective when it comes to organic engagement. In other words, it is easier to reach and engage more users organically on Instagram than any other platforms.

Top Social Media Trends Every Jeweler Should Know In 2019

As we gear up for another amazing year, it’s a great time to assess results from last year’s social media plan and see how you can improve it in 2019. To help, we’ve gathered a few of the top social media trends for 2019 that you should take note of and incorporate into your social media strategy.

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