About Us

Jewelry Ecomm has spent the past many years helping jewelers embrace the digital era. We operate this website to educate the jewelry industry on digital best-practices and learn how to succeed online.

We’ve also organized a number of conferences, workshops, and live events with the same mission.

The program was created and is managed by the team behind the Centurion Jewelry Show. Howard Hauben, founder of Centurion, is a long-time publisher and supporter of digital content for over 30 years. Mike Hauben, our editor, is the Digital Manager of Centurion, and is also an accomplished digital marketer and web developer with his own agency in New York.

We’ve partnered with the jewelry industry’s top web development and marketing agencies to bring you – the jewelers and jewelry industry professionals – the resources and insight needed to succeed online. We publish multiple tips and articles each week from our guests. Some are articles, some are video.

JewelryEcomm.com is here to help you grow your jewelry ecommerce business and learn digital marketing.

We look forward to your continued support!