Smart Age Solutions Releases TXTAR – The Ultimate Conversion Tool For Successful Jewelers

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Introducing TXTAR – the ultimate conversion tool for successful jewelers.

Digital marketing is more than simply creating a website and generating traffic.  To succeed in the jewelry business, you also need to cultivate and convert your audience.  It’s how you build a loyal following.  With every interaction, your goal should be to advance a visitor from prospect to customer until, eventually, they become a lifetime fan.

Introducing TXTAR – the ultimate conversion tool for successful jewelers.  It’s your all-in-one customer relationship management platform that handles every stage of the buying process, from first contact to repeat purchases.  There is simply no better way to grow your jewelry business.

With text chat, SMS marketing, video calling, scheduling, online reviews, and more – every stage of customer contact is leveraged across channels.  No matter how you reach your audience, you can rest assured that TXTAR will leave them with a personalized experience they’ll always remember.

Cutting-edge features include:

Review Beacon

Share your best reviews.  Be transparent and show Google and Facebook reviews directly on your website. With Review Beacon, you have 4 different formats to highlight customer feedback.  Display a global review score and build trust.  Broadcast your success and convert an undecided prospect into a new customer.

Review Alert

Manage your online reputation.  Improve customer relationships while being transparent and building buyer confidence. 

Happy customers may not always leave a review, but unhappy customers certainly will.  A negative experience is a far more powerful motivator than a positive one.  If someone does decide to leave you a bad review, capture it quickly so you can solve the issue immediately while keeping your store’s legacy pristine.

Make every interaction count.  Closed a sale?  Went above and beyond to answer someone’s questions? Send a review request or manage incoming reviews.  With TXTAR, you can turn any conversation into an opportunity to build your business. 

Text Chat

Turn casual website visitors into buying customers.  With text chat, you can close more jewelry sales in less time.  Quickly close customers who want an answer and who prefer not to speak on the phone. TXTAR allows you to integrate your sales team into the platform making the communication with the client much easier.  Take text chat to the next level and engage with a whole new generation of online buyers who may never even set foot inside a jewelry store! 

SMS Marketing

Reach all your customers at once through the power of SMS marketing.  Create and send marketing campaigns, and communicate with thousands of customers at once with special offers, holiday discounts, new product releases, images, files, and more.  SMS marketing is an innovative and inexpensive approach to reaching your audience in a whole new way!

Video Calls

Expand in-store experiences to video sales calls.  By using our HD video calling feature, you’ll never miss the human touch with your customers.  Schedule a virtual showroom appointment or hop on an instant video call.  In today’s post-pandemic world, it’s not only convenient – it’s crucial. 

Many people still prefer to meet virtually from the comfort of their homes, or simply live too far away from your store’s location.  Today’s customers have experience making video calls, and many now have come to expect it.  Video calls have become an ideal way to communicate.

With TXTAR, you have unlimited possibilities, your jewelry store has the opportunity to be first in your market with a truly integrated solution.  You can get started today, or you can waste time trying to cobble together a homemade solution that may or may not work.  Don’t risk your store’s hard-earned reputation just to save “a few bucks”.  It took generations to build up your business, it only takes one bad experience to destroy it.

Remember, inferior solutions often yield inferior results.  You won’t be the only one frustrated when your system goes down – so will your audience.  With TXTAR, you can invest in your jewelry business to best serve your customers.  Your customers will remember their experience the next time they buy and in return will choose to invest right back in you!

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