Punchmark’s eCommerce Checklist

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A checklist from Punchmark to help you plan your ecommerce strategy.

E-Commerce Strategy Checklist Punchmark designs and builds world class websites and digital marketing campaigns exclusively for the jewelry industry.

Here’s our simplified step-by-step recipe for a successful e-commerce strategy in 2022! To request your complete Ecommerce Strategy Checklist, visit www.punchmark.com/ajs

General Checklist 

❏ Set up your Authorize.net account

❏ Ensure products are enabled for checkout

❏ Ensure bi-directional integration is active for omnichannel purposes   

❏ Add fraud detection such as ClearSale 

❏ Add short-term financing such as Sezzle 

❏ Add positive review services such as Podium  

❏ Install a chat such as Clientbook to help those who need assistance and clienteling followup

❏ Ensure your point of sale such as The EDGE is connected properly to your website 

Product Checklist 

❏ Ensure your to categories and products by GMROI are shown first in your navigation

❏ Ensure your POS categories and vendors are mapped correctly 

❏ Ensure your top product categories are represented on your homepage 

❏ Highlight ecommerce friendly price points between $150-$550 

❏ Export your products in a spreadsheet to examine them in mass for attributes, categorization, and pricing 

Website Traffic & Conversion Checklist 

❏ Set up your key goals to track in Google Analytics

❏ Add to Cart, Chat Conversations, Contact Form Submissions, Custom Project Submissions, etc

❏ Confirm that your marketing pixels and tracking codes are installed correctly

Google Ads: 

❏ Set up separate campaigns with separate budgets for each service, product category, or brand to promote, and send clicks to that specific page, not the home page

❏ Allocate between $10-20/daily budget to each campaign, increasing with territory expansion

❏ Set up Call Only ads on mobile phones for Company Name searches

Social Ads: 

❏ Set up custom audiences of potential local buyers (ex: 18-35 yr old Engagement on Instagram, 35-65 year old Anniversary on Facebook) 

❏ Strategically boost posts or target ads to custom audiences, budgeting $100 for every 14 days

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