3 Secrets Local Jewelers Use That You Should Too

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Three tips that successful ecommerce jewelers use to thrive.

Ecomm jewelers have a lot of advantages over their local competition…

No brick and mortar. Lower overhead. Larger selections. Better websites.

But don’t kid yourself, the local guys have their own secrets too. And they’ve worked so well for generations that some local jewelers are still 100% referral-based even in today’s digital world.

So, what are those 3 secrets, and how can you leverage them in your online store? Let’s find out…

Secret #1: Build Awareness & Trust

Local jewelers have always relied on building awareness and trust so that when people are ready to buy, they’ll feel confident enough to physically show up in the store.

Ecom jewelers often think they’re smart enough to bypass this by crafting a compelling offer, using slick online ring builders, or competing on price.

But the really big online players know that regardless of whether the transaction is completed in person or online, people generally buy from brands they trust.

How can you do this without a brick-and-mortar store?

Run awareness campaigns. Offer incentives to sign up for email and provide regular email marketing with personalized content for your audience. Also, make sure to develop your online reviews and make sure website visitors see them as often as possible.

These campaigns don’t often show ROI, but they set the stage for the remarketing that does.

Secret #2: Talk About Choices

One of my mentors, best-selling author Roy H. Williams, says that one of the big reasons people DON’T buy from jewelers is they think another jeweler might have a better ring, so they’d better check it out.

That’s why regardless of how many items you have on your website to look through, use your banners and marketing messages to remind people that you offer all the choices they’d ever want to see.

Local jewelers are smart about making sure customers who buy engagement rings know about other products they sell during Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and vice versa.

Reminding people that whatever they bought from you is just one of the many product lines you offer will pay big dividends.

Secret #3: Offer Human Help

Buying jewelry is an emotional decision.

That’s why I believe the sole reason jewelers exist is to help reassure people that the piece of jewelry they’re buying will convey to the other person exactly how they feel.

Like buying a roof or getting a mortgage, people need help making this big decision as it’s not simply about which one is the lowest cost.

Many customers report feeling overwhelmed by the shopping experience with too many choices and not enough information to tell the difference between items they like.

Make sure to prominently offer a free, live consultation where you can help customers narrow down their choices, offer recommendations, and eventually help them choose the perfect piece for their needs.

And, offer them a guarantee if they’re not completely satisfied.

Local jewelers have been doing these 3 things for years and probably always will. That’s because they work.

The good news? They can work just as well if done online as they do when done in person.

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