All You Need To Know About UX And UI Design For Your Jewelry Website

There’s more to succeeding online than simply putting up a website. You have to understand how your customers interact with your site and what makes them take action. If you want to convert more visitors into sales, you need to fully understand UI and UX design principles.


What Is UI Design?

The UI in UI design stands for “user interface”.  It’s the graphical layout of your website.  This consists of your text, images, sliders, buttons and anything else your visitors interact with.  It also includes the screen layout, page transitions, interface, and any other interaction that takes place.  Everything on your website must be chosen with precision and be deliberately designed to increase conversion.  UI design is the foundation of a great online business!

What Is UX Design?

UX design is all about the “user experience”.  It’s how people actually navigate, click and proceed through your website.  Is the experience smooth and inviting?  Or, is it clunky and difficult to find things?  You also need to consider if shopping on your site is logical and intuitive.  You should avoid confusing user flows and distracting buttons or links which take your consumers away from your primary goal – to make sales.  UX design is critical to getting the results you want.

What’s The Difference Between UI And UX Design?

Although UI and UX design are similar, they do have key differences.  UX design always comes first, it’s the experience you want the user to have on your website.  UI design is all about making that experience the best possible, both intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing).   

How UI And UX Design Work Together

The UX designer maps-out your user journey on your website; the UI designer makes it look beautiful to fulfill the UX designer’s objective.  To succeed online, you can’t have one without the other.  They both work together to create the perfect user experience while also fulfilling your jewelry store’s ecommerce marketing goals.

UI And UX Tips For Jewelry Websites

  • Have clear and visible photos which show the beauty of your jewelry.
  • Use a combination of product, model and lifestyle shots.
  • Include a clear, well-written, keyword-rich description of your jewelry.
  • Highlight the jewelry designer and sell the sexiness of the piece.
  • Always include visible terms of delivery and your return policy.
  • In your footer area, make your contact information prominent and easy to find.
  • To increase your conversions, include the ability to book an appointment with your store.  
  • Make sure your menus are clear and descriptive to the visitor and make it easy for them to shop.
  • Always improve your website and continue to make it a better experience for your visitors.

Follow these tips and you’ll be more successful than 95% of other jewelers who “just put up a website”.  You’ll be amongst the 5% who truly understand what it takes to succeed online.

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