5 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Shops

There are many reasons why you would want to start on shop on Facebook. With over 600 million Facebook shops, they’re a proven way to grow your jewelry business. According to recent statistics, 40% of people use social media when shopping online and the average time spent per day on Facebook is 14 minutes a person, and even exceeds time spent on Google.

Furthermore, 68% of fans visit retailer pages to keep up to date with sales and promotions which are shared with an average of 130 friends via Facebook’s algorithm.  Your fans are 41% more likely to recommend you than non-fans.

For some businesses, 20% of sales originate from Facebook with cart values 7-10% higher than on your website.  And the number of transactions on Facebook is growing 10% per month.   

These are just some of the stats cited from Facebook; phenomenal results every jewelry store should take advantage of.

Here are 5 tips to improve your Facebook Shop:

1. Promote Your Store With Facebook Ads

Make your Facebook ads even more powerful by inserting a link directly to your Facebook Shop.  Your target audience is just a click away from seeing your latest jewelry styles and making a purchasing decision.  Be sure to use newsfeed and mobile ads for best results.

2. Always Use Your Best Jewelry Images

Your Facebook Shop is the first place your customers interact with your jewelry store.  Highlight your best jewelry styles upfront and use high-definition photos whenever possible.  It is also advised to take your own model or lifestyle shots and worth creating your own branded content, which is always proven to get great results.  People want to see jewelry images from the retailer they’re doing business with.  This gives your Facebook Shop a warm and personal touch.

3. Offer Discounts And Promotions

One incentive to get your audience to visit your Facebook Shop is to offer incentives and promotions.  People love discovering a new deal and sharing it with friends.  It also gives you something to promote on your main Facebook jewelry store page and helps entice your fans into your Facebook Shop where they can easily buy from you.

4. Always Keep Your Item Information Updated

An inaccurate or outdated Facebook Shop won’t sell effectively.  You need to always keep your jewelry descriptions, images and pricing up-to-date.   This is critical.  Equally as important, are which styles you promote and how you showcase your jewelry.  You know your customers best and what  styles they want to see.  Just read your page comments.  People will tell you!  The more you update and promote your content, the greater engagement you’ll have and the more sales you’ll generate.  

5. Actively Encourage Social Sharing

One of the best ways to grow your Facebook Shop is to activate your social sharing options on your jewelry storefront.  This allows people browsing your products to easily share them with their friends and family on Facebook and helps bring new fans into your store.

Facebook Shops are an amazing tool you can use to grow your jewelry business.  Use these 5 tips and get started today…and you’ll make more sales tomorrow.

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