Simple Strategies To Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

Lead generation is not just about getting as many contacts as you can. It's about making sure that these contacts lead to a successful jewelry sale and become a long-term customer. Leads are more than just a number. They’re your lifeblood.

 Anyone can put up a form and get someone to fill it out, but are these people ready to buy?  Each customer has their own preference and needs, especially jewelry customers.  Someone who purchases a high-priced item expects personal service.  It’s absolutely essential that you customize your lead strategy.  Having sales-qualified leads (SQL) makes all your difference in your results. 

Follow these strategies to improve your lead conversion rate: 

Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are anything you use to entice a site visitor to interact with you and which helps drive the sale forward.  Think of your website as the hook and leads magnets as the bait.  

The best lead magnets for jewelers are: 

  • An insider’s newsletter with a sneak preview of new styles.
  • Special offers, such as a gift with purchase, promoted on your homepage.
  • Downloadable ebooks containing valuable content such as: how to choose the right engagement ring, what type of earrings best fits your face shape, or any other educational content which your target audience would like.
  • Printable coupons for in-store discounts.

Lead magnets can – and should – be used for any kind of business.  But for jewelers, the impact can be even more powerful.  Lead magnets are the foundation for a strong, strategic inbound lead generation system. 

Practice Lead Nurturing

You never want to send raw, unfiltered leads directly to your Sales Team.  A name and an email address is not a “lead”.  You need more information.  Use lead segmentation to build a customer profile and create specific content which appeals to different types of buyers.  

Your lead nurturing strategy can be based on follow-up emails and blog or social media posts going further on the same subject.  The goal is to run drip campaigns to build trust and grow your relationship with your list.  When the customer is ready to buy, they’ll make the purchase online, or let you know if they have questions.  

A recent study by the Annuitas Group, showed that nurtured leads make purchases 47% larger than non-nurtured leads. 

Gather The Right Lead Information 

Having a name, phone number or email is not enough. When putting a form on your website to generate leads, add questions so you can segment your audience.  Choose your questions wisely, and take advantage of the answers.  

You can also work with your marketing team or ad agency to purchase market data which you can use to build a profile of a particular lead.  This can tell you a lot about a particular consumer’s habits and shopping behavior.  You can use this information to personalize your offer to generate more sales.  

Re-engage Your Past Customers

Focus on past customers you already have rather than continuously searching for new ones.  Someone who started as a lead then later became a customer, can become a lead again!  Look in your CRM at their buying profile.  Is their birthday coming up?  Wedding anniversary?  What else can you sell them? Make your old customers feel special by remembering them and let them know that you truly value their business.

Always remember that leads are the fuel to grow your business.  Keep generating and nurturing your prospect list and watch your sales skyrocket!

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