Using Twitter’s “Fleets” to Sell Jewelry

Twitter never quite reached the potential people thought it would. It's the least popular platform and never really evolved over time. However, their new "Fleets" feature hopes to change that.

Twitter has been a fringe social media platform, with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok rapidly growing past Twitter. While the social media site still has 330 million monthly active users, it fails in comparison.

Features have also been lacking – until now.

“Fleets” were released this week as a new way to join a conversation. Essentially, a fleet is a story that other social media platforms have offered for a while. But you’ll be able to connect with users on Twitter that are primarily people between the age of 35 and 65. This is the perfect group to advertise jewelry to, and Fleets make it even easier to market your items.

A few key ways you can use Fleets to promote jewelry are:

1. Show Off Your Product to the World

People are visual creatures. While you can write a lot of snappy words to describe a piece of jewelry, there’s no comparison to seeing a gem sparkle in a video. The introduction of Fleets allows you to not be lost in the mix on a person’s feed.

Your fleet stays on the top of the app, while your posts often get overlooked when scrolling and become buried under other user’s tweets.

Users go from one fleet to the next, scrolling through each and allowing you to get right in front of potential buyers. Start by creating videos that get your jewelry noticed. You can have a model showing off your rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, or you can use lighting to show off the piece’s shine.

Fleets allow you to show off your jewelry using video, which is known for keeping a user’s attention longer than images or text.

2. Create a Story to Follow

People love stories. When you create a story or journey, you can help your potential buyers understand how your jewelry is made, gain interest in your products and connect to consumers in a deeper way.

For example, you can create a series of Fleets that show how your gems are sourced, rings are forged, and gems are set.

Tell a story, and you’ll find that your brand will create a strong following. Fleets allow you to create stories on Twitter that weren’t possible in the past. 

3. Limited-Time Offers and Daily Giveaways

Fleets last for 24 hours, and then they disappear. Using these limited-time Fleets allows you to:

  • Promote limited-time offers
  • Offer daily giveaways

Consumers that have a feeling of urgency are pressured to make a purchase. Instead of waiting for a person’s birthday or for a special occasion to arise to make a purchase, they’ll buy on impulse due to your discount or limited-time piece that you’re selling.

When sales are slow and you need to increase your revenue, you can by using Fleets.

Fleets are new, and people are using and watching them because they’re new. Take this opportunity to showcase your jewelry to the world before everyone else begins doing the same. Fleets open the opportunity to gain a lot of followers and consumers by being one of the first jewelry companies to truly leverage the feature.

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