Jewelry Store SEO Basics to Boost Local Visibility

Foot traffic still matters in the world of ecommerce. Here are some jewelry Search Engine Optimization tips meant specifically to help you drive local awareness to your store.

Higher rankings on Google leads to increased traffic and revenue. When working on your overall online visibility, you’ll be up against large jewelers with massive marketing budgets and a good search engine optimization (SEO) foundation.

One way to generate sales is to boost your local visibility, which makes it possible to compete against the behemoths in your industry.

You should start with basic SEO strategies outlined in my previous post, but you should also add in local practices.

What can you do to increase your local visibility?

Secure Citations on the Top Sites for Jewelers

If you want to start gaining visibility, one of the best methods is to secure citations. While this may seem like a minor addition to your overall strategy, you can leverage the traffic of other sites to your advantage.

A few of the sites where you can add your store’s information are:

Create a Google My Business Listing, Apple Maps and Bing Places

Local map listings are important, and the most important (in my opinion) is Google My Business. But you should also add your business to Bing Places and Apple Maps for good measure.

You can find these listings below:

Add your business to all three of these sites and be sure to add the same exact name, address and phone number. Consistency is key with map and citation listings because conflicting information can confuse potential customers – never a good thing.

Make sure to go through all steps, including adding photos, verifying your listing and choosing the right category.

Be sure to keep on top of these listings, editing them when necessary, and also replying to any Google Reviews that you may have. Because reviews are so important, it’s not a bad idea to send emails to customers that have purchased your product recently to ask them to leave an honest review for your business.

On-Site SEO

If you want to rank locally, you’ll need to add in local keywords, namely your city and/or state, and possibly create location pages if you have multiple offices. For example, “Stony Brook, NY Jewelers” may be added to your page titles, meta descriptions and content (when natural) to provide local signals.

You may need to update some of your site’s copy to include popular keywords, such as:

  • Jeweler in Stony Brook
  • Stony Brook jewelry store, etc.

The homepage of your site should be optimized around your local area even if you sell globally to some degree. You can see this in action by typing in “jeweler” in Google. Big names like “Kays,” “Jared,” and “REEDS” are likely to be listed followed by a lot of local results.

If you’re not targeting these local keywords, which are easier to rank for than national keywords, you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

Of course, there are a lot of additional steps you’ll need to take. Local link building is one of them. With local link building, you can generate links by joining organizations or even sponsoring local sports teams – among many other tactics.

Your overall SEO efforts will help your site rank better locally and globally, so don’t stop your efforts. These simple additions to your strategy can help you generate more local business and rank higher when people search in your area.

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