What Is Cloudflare, And Should Your Jewelry Website Use It?

Website performance, speed, and security are all extremely important for jewelry ecommerce websites. Cloudflare offers free and paid versions of their leading website software that help with all that.

Cloudflare is a website program I recommend most business owners use. You simply connect your website through the quick setup guide and your site will immediately begin seeing improvements in security and speed. Let’s chat about it – especially because theres a totally free membership option.

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This means that, at it’s core function, Cloudflare caches your images and website data on it’s many servers across the world. This results in much quicker page load times on your website because less data has to be reloaded each time people visit your site. The images and info are already stored and ready to be displayed on the user’s device. And, the data has to travel less distance from your server to their computer.

This in itself is a great benefit. However, Cloudflare has a few other benefits – they boast a big increase in video performance. “Cloudflare’s global anycast network ensures fast video delivery, with shorter video startup times and reduced buffering, no matter where your visitors are located. 

Cloudflare also comes with an array of security and performance features. Cloudflare’s Magic Transit delivers network functions at Cloudflare scale— that’s DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and much more. They even give you you a free SSL to use right on your site that connects automatically!

So should you use it? Why not? It’s free! You can head over to cloudflare.com to learn more and connect your site.

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