Instappraise And Picup Media Partner To Enhance The Digital Jewelry Appraisal Experience

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Instappraise, developer of an innovative and easy-to-use jewelry appraisal creation and management solution, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Picup Media, provider of jewelry photo retouching and maker of the GemLightbox jewelry photography tool.
Picup Media
  Pictured: The GemLightbox by Picup Media

Professional-grade pictures & videos for better appraisals

Professional appraisers are already taking photos during the appraisal process. Without a doubt, clear and detailed high-resolution jewelry photos can capture special hallmarks, reduce the incidence of fraud, protect the owners in the event they must file an insurance claim, and facilitate a replacement. Unfortunately, too many jewelry appraisers – or jewelry industry professionals who do appraisals – are taking subpar photos or lacking the appropriate number of photos to fully support appraisal documentation.

Introducing video technology into the appraisal world

To help support jewelry appraisers, Picup Media and Instappraise have made it easy for their users to capture studio-quality photos and 360-degree videos and attach them to their appraisals, which can both enhance a comprehensive digital jewelry appraisal and improve the overall customer experience. The result is ultimately a more professional, reliable, and credible appraisal while offering a more interactive experience to the customer.

This comprehensive solution returns control and peace of mind to customers through Instappraise’s Customer Portal: appraisers and retail jewelers can create login information for their customers, so they have the freedom to access their appraisal reports, photos and videos – even while they’re on the go. 

Jewelry Appraisal Samples

  Pictured above: Printed & Digital Appraisal Samples

Thanks to this partnership, jewelry industry professionals will be able to benefit from two productivity tools at once, gaining one comprehensive, powerhouse solution! Not only can users conduct fast, powerful, flexible, and precise appraisals thanks to Instappraise’s cloud-based platform, but they’ll also be able to upload studio-quality, detailed, white-background photos and videos with just one click, thanks to GemLightbox’s 360° capability. Users will benefit from increased productivity when creating appraisals and be able to offer their customers a secure access to their appraisal documents from any device, anytime, from anywhere.

Picup Media

About Picup Media, Inc.
Picup Media is committed to creating jewelry images and videos that sell, and they provide creative and innovative solutions to jewelers at every level. Currently trusted and used by over 8000+ jewelers worldwide, they’re a 100% online operated company with staff stretching across Sydney, Hong Kong, India and Philippines. They’re also the maker of the GemLightbox, which allows jewelers to take studio-quality images and 360-degree videos in one click. https://picupmedia.com/ 

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About Instappraise, Inc.
Instappraise is a cloud-based jewelry appraisal software and management platform designed for jewelers, gemologists, pawnbrokers, appraisers, and other jewelry industry professionals. A cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform available on all modern web browsers, it is the ultimate productivity tool for jewelry industry professionals, enabling them to offer an improved customer experience and get more done in less time. https://www.instappraise.com/

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