3 Things You Need To Know About Your Digital Footprint

Simply put, a digital footprint is the record or trail of content you leave through your online activity. Small businesses worldwide are discovering new ways to diversify the material they post online, that can really propel their growth and profitability. But how much do you really know about your digital footprint?

What innovative trends can you implement in your content to enhance your online presence? From Google trends to live streaming, read on for our take on how you can utilize these platforms to elevate your brand:


Google trends certainly isn’t your average SEO tool. It’s capability to leverage your business defeats most other online digital platforms – particularly if you work in the jewelry niche. This incredible tool analyzes worldwide digital footprint across diverse regions and languages, in order to find the most popular trends and input queries. Such patterns allow companies to make predictions on future trends and subsequently prepare for them ahead of time.

Taking a look back in the recent history of Google trends, you can spot a direct correlation between the spike in interest for rose gold engagement rings, around the time Apple released their newest rose gold iPhone – making this one of the most sought after engagement ring metals, and its popularity remains evident ever since.

It is clear that search volume data is more than just a number. It’s a numerical way of assessing attitudes and behaviors towards particular topics, and most importantly it tells you what your customers want – meaning your business can capitalize on sales.

The best part about Google trends? It’s 100% free to use, allowing you to monitor the rise and fall of certain products, their seasonality, assess what your target market is loving, and quite frankly what they’re hating. This is an enormous opportunity to one-up your competitors, in what is often deemed as a ‘saturated market’. Why not reap the benefits yourself?


Every business knows that time is money. Since the emergence of Later.com, an online platform used by companies to automate their posts on social media, the process has become far more efficient for small and large business owners alike.

Spending thirty minutes to one hour per day to plan and execute your Instagram posts is not only stressful and time-consuming, but it leaves you with little room to commit to the most important aspect of maintaining relationships with your audience through regular engagement. With many brands struggling to keep up with the demands of Instagram and having to post consistently, this intelligent post-scheduler is designed to spare you the time you deserve.

Having recently been accepted as one of Instagram’s program partners in late March, Later.com is completely legal to use, with free membership and business options to help optimize your social media marketing. Curated to boost traffic, increase sign-ups, sales and revenue – this third-party tool is ideal for companies who struggle to manage multiple accounts, as it’ll seamlessly integrate your channels and is made easily accessible from one dashboard.

Additional features of the platform include in-depth analytics to help your business discover the best times to post based on your target demographic, suggest hashtags to boost your brand’s visibility, as well as a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed from one click on your images. You can also plan your feed using the drag and drop tool which allows you to see which images look best in which order, to render a more aesthetic appearance that is pleasing to the eye.


Lastly, live streaming is another brilliant tool to continue building a relationship with your audience and enhance your social media presence to drive traffic to your online jewelry store. It brings reality to your consumers’ screens, which you can use as a tool to increase interest in your products and brand.

So, why should your business start live streaming? What if we told you it was a method to:

  • Enhance online traffic
  • Generate leads and sales
  • A free and cost-effective creative marketing solution

Spreading your brand’s message is made simple through live streaming – helping countless businesses succeed in enhancing their digital footprint. On average, marketers who use video to advertise their products receive 41% more web traffic than non-users.

Further, it helps build an online community. Social streaming gathers individuals together from diverse backgrounds, for one common purpose – affording your brand the credibility it deserves through genuine connections. Certain streaming sites include a comment section, in which you can directly interact with your audience and respond to their questions as you advertise.

Another top tip for video streaming is creating incentives to increase your viewing platform as you’re live. Asking your viewers to share a tweet, image, or other social posts online will bring in even more real time traffic – giving you even more opportunity to interact with your audience.

Evidently, there is an abundance of ways in which small businesses can enhance their online digital footprint. Being able to engage an audience may require detailed content planning, but there are multiple tools online to make the process a little simpler – so you too can have global success.

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