“Love is Not Cancelled” Spicer Greene Jewelers Campaign

‘Love has not been cancelled,’ resonated with Spicer. So much so that it’s now on one side of Spicer Greene Jeweler’s building to remind the town. Read about their campaign here.

May was coming and it was time for a Mother’s Day online promotion. Eva-Michelle Spicer of Spicer Greene Jewelers, Ashville, NC had been busy sending daily emails to her customers that resulted in sales, but Mother’s Day was coming up. An online event was the next step as the store was still largely closed. Today, the store is open to the public under Phase One of Gov. Roy Cooper’s lifting of COVID-19 restrictions with limited hours and continues to offer curbside service.

Spicer had been promoting curbside pickup since April 29, according to the guidelines of her state. “We were offering curbside pickup/delivery all along, but we are very sensitive to the fact that people needed to stay home,” said Spicer.

The emails she had been sending promoted a Self-Quarantine sale throughout much of April. “We picked one category or one brand every day to offer at a sale price. Since then, we’ve been calling our wish list folks to remind them that love is not cancelled during this time. It’s been really successful. Being accessible to our customers made a huge difference to them during this time and we wanted to keep that up.”

‘Love has not been cancelled,’ resonated with Spicer. So much so that it’s now on one side of Spicer Greene Jeweler’s building to remind the town. See this blog post for the full story.

So, a Mother’s Day Promotion was the next step. ETrunk shows were planned with Gumuchian and Mikimoto and Spicer wanted some next-level events. “I wanted to kick things up a notch. We did a Facebook live event with a Meet the Designer focus. Myrium Gumuchian of Gumuchian joined me online for a chat. We were both in our homes and had a nice happy hour with the two of us. We talked Mother’s Day, quarantine, and jewelry. We did take questions and did show some product but not all of it; that would have felt too forced. We talked a lot about inspiration and family, both hers and mine. Customers loved it.”

Mikimoto was featured online. The company sent images and drop-shipped items that sold. Spicer reached out to her customers who were Mikimoto collectors to offer them first dibs on some one-of-a-kind products. Sales went well.

Spicer credits her husband and business partner Elliott Spicer for laying the groundwork for keeping business flowing with few in-store customers. “Thanks to Elliott’s foresight, 100% of our inventory is live on our website, ready for sale,” she said. “We do all our own images. It’s an omni-channel experience for our customers.”

Podium webchat has been huge,” Spicer said of her website’s popular ‘Chat Now’ feature. It’s closely monitored. Spicer can normally chat immediately and after hours will reply before bedtime. Recently someone wanted to chat at 3am and left a message. However, she connected with them the next morning, when she received the message.

Mother’s Day week turned out solidly for Spicer Greene Jewelers. Spicer credits phone calls, emails, Facebook and Facebook Live, the store’s fully functional website and great vendor partnerships, 

“We are seeing the website pay off,” says Spicer. “Ecomm sales were only 2% of our sales before we put all the inventory online. Since then, so many people have come in and and say “We saw this on your website and want to see it.” Ecomm sales were 50% of April’s revenue.

“Our May is already up over last year. We are extremely fortunate,” says Spicer. 

“We really are all in this together. It’s become a cliché and it’s true. We’re making sales wherever we can. We’re scrappy! We’re working hard for every dollar. Making it all work is a nice reminder that we love what we do.” 

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