3 Steps to Turn Instagram Browsers into Buyers for Life

Brick-and-mortar stores NEED a second stream of revenue if they want to sustain themselves in our increasingly digital world. Here's a fool-proof formula for responding to online inquiries.

By now, it’s become perfectly clear… 

Brick-and-mortar stores NEED a second stream of revenue if they want to sustain themselves in our increasingly digital world. 

Having a website and social media presence has been the expectation for years, but in the face of a global pandemic, those essentials are now a lifeline for jewelers. 

Like the UK’s telehealth system, many businesses are finding that they need to make a 10-year leap in a matter of weeks.

But to do that effectively, you have to focus on what you can do RIGHT NOW. It isn’t too late. 

You can (and MUST) get up to speed quickly with virtual selling — even if you don’t have a robust backend of ecommerce.

It isn’t enough anymore to just respond to inquiries, you need to have real conversations with your prospects that give them the connection, guidance, and assurance they’re craving. 

If you caught my talk at Jewelry Ecomm Live in September then you heard me share what I call my “$22K Before Breakfast” formula. 

It is a three-part formula that goes through exactly how to respond to online inquiries to make sure they turn into sales that I want to walk you through with scripted examples…  

Step 1: Connect on a human level. 

Becoming a trusted advisor for high-end pieces requires a personal touch.

Take a moment to really look at the person you’re speaking with  (or in this case, check out their profile) and comment on something you love. 

“Hi Sarah, great to hear from you! Your Instagram profile is so fun — I love those travel pictures. Aren’t the beaches in Thailand just gorgeous?”

Step 2: Talk up the piece (and your authority)

Don’t just think about the piece in terms of its features — think about its benefits and talk about it as if it’s your favorite in the collection. 

Always connect the conversation back to your authority and the potential buyer’s desires whenever possible. 

“You have stunning taste — this ring is one of my personal favorites!

After 20+ years in the industry and a degree from the GIA, this is the finest Ceylon sapphire that has ever crossed my desk. You should see the way it catches the light when you’re wearing it. 

Though it is a large sapphire, the stone is set low in the mounting making it an easy everyday ring and perfectly comfortable to wear on trips.”


Step 3: Invite them to take the next step toward buying.

Remember, potential customers and clients are there to browse and buy — so treat them accordingly but don’t be too pushy.

“I’ve just recorded a video of the piece in the sunlight so you can see the way it sparkles.

Let’s set up a time to meet, I have another ring that you might like as well. I can chat tomorrow at 11am EST. Let me know if that works, and I’ll have my assistant set up a private meeting.” 

Following these 3 simple steps will give you fool-proof results with the potential buyers that pop up in your DMs, comments, and inbox. 

And if you’re looking for even more help growing your jewelry business into a digital empire here are two ways I can help you take it to the next level… 

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