Understanding ECommerce Data #6: Social Media Conversion Rate

In part 6 of our Understanding Jewelry Ecommerce Data series, we'll learn how to measure your Social Media Conversion Rate.

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Part 2: Sales Conversion Rate

Part 3: Average Order Value

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Part 6: Social Media Conversion Rate (you are here)

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Part 8: Customer Acquisition Cost

Part 9: Percentage Of Returning Customers

Having thousands of followers on Instagram means nothing if your followers never buy from you.

It’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics that don’t indicate actual success. For example, if you just focus on re-shares or likes, you won’t be getting a true picture of engagement. I’d rather have less followers, less “likes”, and less “shares” if my smaller audience got me greater sales.

There are more impactful metrics to focus on. One of these would be average clicks per post, because that would show you how many people you’re actually bringing to your website from your efforts. Ultimately, your website is where the sales interest will really begin.

Calculating Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Social Media Conversion Rate = Number of Sales Attributed To Social Media / Number of Total Posts

A good social media reporting program will help you measure a variety of metrics by each social media platform. Again, this will help you delve into exactly how much revenue each of your campaigns has bringing in.

Improving Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Combining social media with user-generated content is a good way to boost conversion rates. As a jeweler, you should always be encouraging your customers to share their stories and photos – perhaps if they just proposed with a ring they purchased from you.  This is a great way to increase the reach of your social campaigns without paying a dime, and also adds some social proof.

Another huge impact to your social media conversion rate is the attractiveness and ease-of-use of your website. Your social media posts will do absolutely nothing if you’re bringing people to a website that looks juvenile and loads slowly.

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