Mobile Jewelry Website Best Practices for the Holidays

As families are gearing up to enjoy their holidays together, businesses are scrambling to make the most out of the ever-important 4th quarter of the sales cycle. With thousands of companies implementing new strategies, one extremely important one is their mobile website.

As families are gearing up to enjoy their holidays together, businesses are scrambling to make the most out of the ever-important 4th quarter of the sales cycle. With thousands of companies implementing new strategies, it becomes increasingly important for a business owner to stay up to date on how the newest technologies can help them drive more sales. One such technology is a mobile website.

Why Mobile Websites Are Important

For 2020 and beyond, mobile websites will be crucial for retailers looking to drive sales all year round, but particularly for the holiday season, when thousands of companies are bombarding consumers with promotions and limited time deals.

During the holiday season of 2018, 51.4% of website visits came from smartphone devices. This was the first time mobile visits surpassed visits on other devices. On Christmas day, that number jumped to 61.1% (Adobe). For the jeweler who is looking to drive sales, these statistics are a shining beacon of opportunity. If mobile viewership is increasing in importance, then the companies that offer the best mobile experience should be the ones that capture a larger share of the market.

When a customer searches for goods online, they are likely to do research before buying. A crucial step in the research process is visiting a retailers website to gather more information. A seamless mobile website experience can make the difference between a sale and a bounce. This means that independent jewelers with poor mobile website designs need to step their mobile web game up.

When Should I Update My Website?

If you’re interested in upgrading your website but are wondering what the right time might be, look no further than the beginning of 2020. The lull in sales after the busy holiday season creates the perfect opportunity to redesign an outdated website. The mobile aspect of your website, in particular, is a crucial part of the customer buying journey.

Since 2016, 88% of people who did a local search on their smartphone visited a related store within a week (Google). Without an optimized mobile website, a business may as well not exist in the eyes of the consumer.

Here are 5 best practices for creating a top mobile website straight from Google:

Call-to-actions should be immediately visible on the home page (i.e. Text Us, Call Us, etc.)

If you make all your call-to-actions visible on your home page, you make it really easy for potential customers to contact you. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to be unable to find a way to contact you and then tap away from your website.

Make search bar very visible & include filters on the search results page

You want to make it easy for visitors to search through your products and narrow down the results so they can find exactly what they’re looking for. The easier and faster you make this process, the more delighted these visitors will be.

Responsive layout so that users can have a good experience no matter their screen size

This best practice will ensure that the user experience doesn’t suffer if the visitor switches from their computer to their phone. If your website is not responsive, then it will look and perform significantly worse on mobile which can result in a lost sale.

Should be able to make product images bigger

Make sure you use high-quality images of your products and make them prominent as the user is swiping or tapping through your site. Jewelry shopping is a visual game — take advantage of it.

Keep your user on your site, they shouldn’t have to go on another site to get the info they need (i.e. display store reviews, relevant product information, etc.)

The more information you can provide on your website, the better. Make sure all the most important information is displayed prominently. This means your products should be front-and-center along with your business phone number and address. Other important information should be at most a click away.

A solid mobile website is a great opportunity to take advantage of users trending towards mobile shopping. If your mobile website is not delivering a stellar customer experience, you might want to take advantage of the time after the holiday season to create the best mobile website you can.

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