Rise Above the Competition with Great Jewelry Product Descriptions

Learn how to craft enticing and engaging jewelry product descriptions to attract customers to your eCommerce site and boost conversion rates.

When selling jewelry as an online retailer, your product descriptions are vital to your business.

Shoppers who have never purchased jewelry through the internet are sometimes hesitant to complete a transaction because they are unsure about the product’s quality, concerned it may not fit or feel that they do not have enough information. One way to overcome this obstacle is through vivid product descriptions that both entice consumers to buy and assure them that your products are high quality and beautiful. Try following these tips to write or revamp your jewelry product descriptions.

Craft Intriguing Product Titles

The first step to creating an attractive product description for your jewelry pieces is by advertising an alluring product title. As potential customers browse your collection, an interesting name may stick out to them and lead them to visit the product page, where you can further use the written word to stir up your shoppers’ interest. If a specific product includes a unique or rare gem, this may be a feature you want to highlight in the title. Or, if the shape of the jewelry item is the most interesting part of the piece, you can include this in your product name. Types of metal are another important factor that you can include in your product titles, highlighting whether the item is made from silver, gold or rose gold.

Highlight What Makes Your Products Unique

Your product description should demonstrate exactly how your jewelry items stand out from your competitors’ products. Before trying to write your description, make a list of the most interesting aspects of your products. Where were they made? Are they handcrafted? Is there a special design or stone included? Some jewelry pieces may even have backstories explaining where the inspiration for the design originated. Uniquely cut or particularly rare stones are other aspects you can emphasize.

Provide Detailed Descriptions of the Jewelry’s Elements

Emphasizing unique features is vital to writing effective product descriptions but be sure not to neglect other details about the product. Avoid writing descriptions that are too long as most people do not want to read a large block of text on a screen. Limit your descriptions to three or four sentences, in which you include information on types of stones and metal as well as decorative elements featured in each product. Again, remember the importance of selecting the correct words in your description, so refrain from including vague or overused words and try to make each description unique to the product.

Be Selective About Your Word Choice

Wording is everything when it comes to composing the perfect jewelry product descriptions and research shows that specific words are more enticing to consumers. As you write your descriptions, replace cliché adjectives such as “beautiful” or “pretty” with more engaging, specific terms that will catch people’s eye and emphasize your product’s uniqueness. Some great words you can try using in your product descriptions include: alluring, elegant, striking and captivating, among others. When trying to insert the perfect adjectives in your product descriptions, take the time to really think about the words that fit with the specific product you are trying to describe to better capture the essence of the item and convey its beauty to the consumer. If you’re looking to attract new customers to your site, it’s also vital to consider beneficial keywords that can increase your pages’ SEO value and help online shoppers find your store.

Incorporate High-Quality Photography

Every great product description requires a stunning image to accompany it. While your product descriptions are essential and provide a platform from which you can delve into details about the item that customers may not otherwise know, photographs can often be the most enticing way to convince a potential customer to buy. Display multiple photos to provide people with several different angles of the product as well as images of the products actually being worn by someone. These types of images can help eCommerce shoppers to envision the jewelry on themselves and create a greater sense of need for the product. Be sure that all of your photography is clear, crisp and well-lit to demonstrate your company’s professionalism and your high-quality product line. Once you have beautiful photography, add these images to your product pages and try promoting your jewelry photos on Instagram to spread brand awareness.

Use a Narrative to Create Desire

Creating an effective and informative product description is about much more than merely listing details about the product. You want to utilize good writing practices to craft a short paragraph that is not only informational but also entertaining. Try to tell a story with your words, painting a picture in the consumer’s mind that encourages them to envision how this item can enrich their own life. People love narratives. Think of how often you speak in stories. Whether you’re reminiscing with friends or explaining your day, humans tend to express their experiences through stories. When running an eCommerce business, you can tap into this mentality by creating a narrative description that is entertaining to read.

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