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The Jewelry Ecomm Show

“Social Media First Steps For Jewelers”

With special guest Benjamin Smithee, The Smithee Group

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Instappraise And Picup Media Partner To Enhance The Digital Jewelry Appraisal Experience

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Instappraise, developer of an innovative and easy-to-use jewelry appraisal creation and management solution, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Picup Media, provider of jewelry photo retouching and maker of the GemLightbox jewelry photography tool.


A Comprehensive Ecommerce Guide for Jewelry Stores

We’re going to look at the steps you need to follow to not only create a strong presence online, but leverage that online presence to go where your potential customers and markets are.


Hulu Launches Beta For Self-Serve Ad Platform

One platform that has been seemingly difficult to pinpoint for small businesses, but has always attracted attention, is Hulu. With Hulu’s latest beta launch of their self-serve platform, many independent jewelers across the country will now be able to target bridal consumers viewing over 50 hours of OTT content per month on their platform.

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  • September 11, 2020
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Ep. 02: Social Media First Steps For Jewelers

Episode 2 of The Jewelry Ecomm Show! Join Mike Hauben and Ben Smithee (The Smithee Group) as we discuss how jewelry retailers and brands can use social media to their success.


How to Craft Welcome Emails to Engage Your Subscribers

An email welcome series is an important piece of your marketing. It will set the tone of your relationship with the customer going forward and can decide how long they stay subscribed and engaged with your brand.


How to Generate Virtual Appointments for Your Jewelry Store

With the current way the world is working, every store should be considering all the ways they can generate sales. One great option is virtual appointments.


How to Sell Jewelry to Self-Purchasing Women

If you have observed the recent trends, you’ve probably already noticed the way women are transforming the marketplace – Women no longer wait for men to do it; they buy their own jewelry. Here are some tips to sell jewelry to self-purchasing women.


How the Instagram Algorithm Works

It’s crucial to know how the Instagram algorithm works if you expect to succeed with social media. Here’s how it works.


How To Get More Visibility of Your Jewelry Products with Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing, or PPC can be a great way to get more visibility of your jewelry products. In this article, GemFind explains some great ways to leverage PPC advertising.


How To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an absolutely fantastic way to draw extra attention to your products, special events, or store news. They perform extremely well! Here are the basics.


How To Use Instagram And Facebook Shops

Facebook and Instagram Shops are additional sales platforms that will redirect traffic to your product if you just take the time to link things properly. The feature is simple and dynamic, and you can publicize anything you want—from custom pieces to your best-selling brands.


eCommerce: Should You List Product Prices On Your Website?

Should jewelers list their jewelry prices on their websites? It’s a surprisingly simple question that I often see asked. I thought I’d share the clear answer.

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5 Interesting Jewelry Blog Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Are you looking forward to brainstorming jewelry blog ideas to drive traffic to your business blog? Once you have created your jewelry blog, you’ll discover that coming up with consistent killer ideas is one of the hardest parts of business blogging.


My Covid Life

From a jeweler’s perspective, and other small businesses, the COVID-19 shutdown was a shockwave. Panic or opportunity? How will the industry change?

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  • July 28, 2020
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Is TikTok Advertising Right For Jewelers And Jewelry Brands?

We take a look at TikTok – social media’s latest breakthrough app. Is it a smart platform for jewelers and jewelry brands to advertise on?


Social Media Marketing Checklist – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Buffer’s social media manager’s checklist can help jewelers intelligently stay on task with their social goals.


How You Can Use Pinterest’s New eCommerce Features Effectively

Even before the coronavirus pandemic shook our daily lives, Pinterest was already on their way to dominating social commerce. Even though it has fewer users than other social platforms, it is a powerful tool for selling products online.


Create a Consistent Flow of Engagement Ring Clients with Inbound Marketing

As a jewelry store owner, you are already aware that the wedding and bridal jewelry segment of your business is ultra-competitive. How can you get your message noticed amongst all the competition to be the engagement ring store of choice in your area when it comes to popping the question?


How To Get Relevant, High Quality Traffic To Your Website

So much focus is spent on optimizing things like customer retention, ad spending and social media that it can be easy to forget the core intention that is driving all of your hard work — driving traffic to your jewelry store website.


Dealing With The Updates And Changes of Google

Google’s changes are part of a complex system that are sometimes difficult to pinpoint, but critical to understand as a business and website owner.

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