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Why Jewelers Should Be Excited About the GemLightbox Integration with RapNet

Both stakeholders will benefit from this integration in a multitude of ways. The fact that the quality of product photos is influential to 75% of online shoppers means that it can dramatically increase your target buyers’ purchase intention.

How Jewelers Can Maximize The Business Impact Of Their Blog Posts

Blog posts can be real tools that impact a jeweler's foot traffic, website traffic, social media engagement, search engine visibility, brand authority, and online marketing capabilities. Here are some things to think about when producing your blog posts.

Tumblr Being Sold To WordPress

Verizon is selling the outdated Tumblr blogging site to Automattic Inc, owners of Wordpress. Could something big be coming to the Wordpress platform in the future?

New JewelryEcomm Report: 52% of Consumers Click  for Engagement Rings has a new, exclusive monthly report detailing what consumers are clicking in their efforts to find fine jewelry and diamonds online. The report is based on clicks recorded from some 300 jewelry store web sites nationwide. This initial monthly report covers the month of June 2019.

Why Blogging Is Still Vital For A Jeweler’s Overall Business Success

There are still many businesses who don’t understand the power of a good blog post. Great content - articles, videos, and more - will ALWAYS get higher click through rates than an ad.

In-Store Tactics To Increase Social Media Followers

We typically think of using social media as a way to increase the success of our store. However, we can also use our in-store experiences to drive social media engagement. After all, a customer who just had a great experience in your store would be a perfect person to get following your page.

Clientbook Adds Key Jewelry Player To Its Leadership Team

Ryan Blumenthal of Corinne Jewelers will be joining Clientbook as a strategic advisor to help retailers gain visibility and control over the customer experience. 

Top 5 Content Ideas for Jewelry Brands Guaranteed to Boost Engagement

Many brands struggle with getting more engagement on their social media channels. However, with a little creativity and consistency a drastic increase in engagement is definitely possible. Below are five ideas that you can implement into your brand’s social media that have been proven to boost engagement.

Top Tips for Developing a Shipping Strategy for Your Online Jewelry Store

While online shoppers value free delivery and free return shipping, the 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey revealed that 88% of shoppers were willing to pay for reliable and faster delivery services or same-day deliveries.

3 Common Social Media Blindspots

With an industry as visually driven as ours, not having a good presence on Facebook and Instagram is like leaving money on the table

Little Steps: Achievable First Online Goals For Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores and brands looking to make their first headway in the digital space will probably want to know some great starting goals they should aim for. Here’s a good starting point in each of 4 different marketing avenues.

Online Shopping Experience Revisited

"What had gone wrong was that we weren’t treating our online customers like our in-store customers. We thought it was enough to have a website that displayed our jewelry line."

Why You Should Never Buy Social Media Followers – Ever.

There are plenty of shady overseas companies who can sell you fake social media followings. However, the cost of doing so is more than the money you'll pay.

Create A Winning Instagram Account Bio

Your Instagram account bio is important. After all, it’s the first thing people will see after clicking on your photos and profile. There are 5 things your profile needs to be as effective as possible. 

Smart Age Solutions Becomes Facebook Marketing Partner

Smart Age Solutions is proud to announce that they recently became a Facebook Marketing Partner, the only agency to have this certification in the jewelry industry.

The Jewelry Industry’s E-Commerce Conference Returns to Miami in October

The Jewelry Ecomm Live! Conference returns to Miami this October with a simple goal - to help jewelers better-navigate the online world.

How to Break Down Your Demographic Data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that provides a lot of valuable information. Understanding where to go and how to access this data is important for the retailer looking to measure the quality of their site traffic.

5 Key Jewelry Website Improvements For Performance

One of the worst areas to cut corners in your digital strategy is neglecting to speed up your site. Here are a few (mostly) non-technical ways to increase your website's speed and make sure those jewelry customers have a great user experience.


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