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Online Shopping Experience Revisited

"What had gone wrong was that we weren’t treating our online customers like our in-store customers. We thought it was enough to have a website that displayed our jewelry line."

Why You Should Never Buy Social Media Followers – Ever.

There are plenty of shady overseas companies who can sell you fake social media followings. However, the cost of doing so is more than the money you'll pay.

Create A Winning Instagram Account Bio

Your Instagram account bio is important. After all, it’s the first thing people will see after clicking on your photos and profile. There are 5 things your profile needs to be as effective as possible. 

Smart Age Solutions Becomes Facebook Marketing Partner

Smart Age Solutions is proud to announce that they recently became a Facebook Marketing Partner, the only agency to have this certification in the jewelry industry.

The Jewelry Industry’s E-Commerce Conference Returns to Miami in October

The Jewelry Ecomm Live! Conference returns to Miami this October with a simple goal - to help jewelers better-navigate the online world.

How to Break Down Your Demographic Data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that provides a lot of valuable information. Understanding where to go and how to access this data is important for the retailer looking to measure the quality of their site traffic.

5 Key Jewelry Website Improvements For Performance

One of the worst areas to cut corners in your digital strategy is neglecting to speed up your site. Here are a few (mostly) non-technical ways to increase your website's speed and make sure those jewelry customers have a great user experience.

3 Simple Clienteling Activities Your Sales Associates Should Be Doing

Clienteling is the number one way your sales team can actively work to increase foot traffic and drive sales, yet many don’t do it because it feels too hard to get started.

5 Simple Ways To Empower Your Digital Agency

More and more jewelers and jewelry brands are working with digital agencies to stay competitive in the marketplace. If you’re one of these companies, there are a few things you can do to empower your agency to be more effective for you.

Branding Vs. Action Campaigns

Most of the tactics we use to get results for our clients involve the sales funnels and tracking results throughout a campaign. Yet, this isn’t the only way to do marketing.

How Jewelers Can Boost Website Search Rankings With Video

Video's rise as the preferred method for consuming information continues. As such, search engines will continue to put increased emphasis on video content.

The Necessity of SEO and Content Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

When people go looking for products and services they need, they enter a frame of mind that marketers call the “marketing funnel”. The marketing funnel is a description of the self-sorting that potential customers go through during their search of the market.

Should Jewelers Hire A Digital Agency?

There are a number of fantastic digital agencies that specialize in the jewelry industry. Should you hire one of them? Probably.

Can Lead Magnets Attract More Shoppers?

If you run a successful sales funnels then lead magnets might be part of that campaign. What are lead magnets? Often called “opt-in offers,” “opt-in bribe” or “content bribes.” 

Facebook Retargeting: Reaching Visitors With Intent

Facebook retargeting is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.  In this article, we'll learn how to retarget to people with higher buying intent.

Facebook Ads: Split Testing 101

"Split testing" is one of the first things you should do for your jewelry store or brand's Facebook campaigns. Let's learn a bit more about this fundamental technique and how we can implement it.

Google Analytics For Jewelry Stores

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool to track your marketing efforts. Here's a Google Analytics primer for jewelers.

5 Types of Email Marketing Automation for Your Jewelry Brand

Email marketing is still one of the best and most personalized ways to engage with both your prospective and current customers. Here are some ways jewelry brands and stores can automate it!


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