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SEO Tips For Jewelers Who Aren’t Tech Experts: The Basics

The first article in an ongoing series - helping "non-techie" jewelers with their Google rankings. In this series, we'll review the strategies you can actually do yourself to grow your Google ranking, even if you're not a professional marketer. This first article covers some basic SEO principles you should familiarize yourself with.

Virality, YouTube, and Metadata

One of the most prominent ways to promote one’s brand in the Information Age is by way of “virality.” Virality isn’t a new concept in branding or advertisement, but the internet provides an environment in which information can be atomized and distributed by individuals, rather than by magazine editors or billboard companies.

“Abandoned Cart” Recovery Tips

It is common for online shoppers to browse products on sites, gradually adding them to their shopping carts, then click out of their browsers and forget all about it. In fact, 75.6% of online shoppers put items in online carts without actually checking out. Here are some tips to prevent this and confirm the sale.

How to Photograph Jewelry on a White Background

Have you ever wondered how other jewelers get seamless shots of their jewelry products on a white background?Do you envy how it looks clean, professional, and sophisticated with the subtle shadows that add drama to the image? Photographing jewelry is tricky and challenging, but producing a final output that centers the buyer’s attention to your jewelry is achievable when you do it against a pure white background.

3 Common Reasons Why Customers Leave Your Website

Websites are the second most-used media to find local businesses. Simply having a site isn’t enough to keep potential customers interested in visiting your store. There could be a number of reasons why your site visitors don’t stay long enough to convert but here are three of the most common.

How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program that Works

Loyalty programs provide one of the best ways to turn regular customers into loyal fans. Rewards offer incentives for customers to increase their order value and to shop more often. Many brands offer loyalty programs but not all of them are successful. Just simply having a loyalty program won’t encourage customers to take action. They have to be cleverly created to offer rewards that are attractive to customers, easy to understand and easy to redeem. Here, I’ll provide you a step by step guide to start your first loyalty program. Let’s dive in!

The Reason We Have Websites: Brand Authority & Trust

It doesn't matter if you're a jewelry manufacturer, an independent designer, or a jewelry retail store. The #1 reason you have a website is to create brand authority and to show your visitor that you're trustworthy. There will be some people who simply pop into your store to browse, especially if they're already a loyal customer. But how do you turn new people into loyal customers who aren't familiar with you? By bringing them to our website and showing them that you're the real deal.

Creating A Well-Planned Facebook Ads Strategy

“Social media success” is more than posting. Many times a store adopts a “post it and forget it” mentality. However, there is a lot of work to be done after you’ve made the post as well. Most of your success with Facebook will come from running paid ads, monitoring the campaigns, and adjusting.

Top 5 Must-Have Social Media Tools For Jewelry Brands And Stores

In the world of social media marketing, each day brings new challenges as well as opportunities for businesses. As hard as it is to stay on top of the latest algorithm change or a new app feature, it’s essential for jewelry brands and retailers to look ahead and plan their social media strategy accordingly. To help you navigate the ever changing social media landscape, we’ve compiled the top three trends you need to know right now.

Mobile Display Advertising For Jewelers: Delivering Your Message Straight to Consumers’ Pockets

In my position as Director of Media, I oversee three media departments: Traditional, Digital and Social. My goal is to look at the full media mix and analyze how these different mediums can work together to create a well-rounded advertising approach. I try not to sway too much in either direction because from my perspective, all these mediums provide us with different touch points where we are able to access the consumer in a different setting and stage of the buying cycle. Think “Yin and Yang”, not “Either or”. With that said, it is no secret that we spend more time than we’d like to admit on our mobile phones.

How Jewelry Brands Can Use LinkedIn To Promote Their Line To Jewelry Stores

There’s no doubt about it - Facebook is the most powerful and important social media tool in the world by leaps and bounds. However, for jewelry brands looking to open new accounts with retail stores, LinkedIn provides a fantastic opportunity.

Would You Be Interested In A Forum Or Wanted Board On This Site?

We're considering adding a forum and job board to the site. I'd love to get your feedback and see if there is real interest among our members before we roll it out.

Top Jewelry Photography Tips to Kick Off Your Online Business

If you scour the internet for jewelry photography tips, it will astound you with over 8 million results. How do you sift through internet noise and extract the true golden tips to make your jewelry photos stand out? Whether you plan to build a storefront on one of the known online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy) or all of these, half of the challenge remains: how do you make your jewelry marketable? With the lack of touch, how will you compensate for a product that begs for a sense of touch?

How to Use Social Ads to Promote Your Online Jewelry Store

Many retailers are aware of the tools they should use in order to promote their products, in this case, jewelry. Yet, not many retailers dedicate the time necessary to learn the appropriate tools or experience results. This means that if you decide to truly invest time and energy in the creation and maintenance of your social media ads, you are already way ahead of your competitors.

How To Successfully Promote a Facebook Event to Increase Foot Traffic

Many jewelry stores love hosting in-store events to drive foot traffic. Here are some advanced promotional strategies to make your Facebook Events as successful as possible.

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Focusing Facebook

To describe it in analogical terms, Facebook is a bulletin board. It’s a bulletin board that’s only shared between friends, but it shares essential similarities with the corkboard of yesteryear. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the notion that appealed to people, or maybe it’s the way that the metaphorical bulletin board allowed friends and relations to comfortably share their innermost lives with each other, but regardless of the reason, Facebook is the power player of the social media sphere.

New Video Gallery: Webinar Replays Posted

We added a new video gallery to the site (viewable in our Videos section in the top of the site), where we'll begin sharing the replays of our webinars, live events, and an upcoming series of educational training videos. Make sure to watch the videos of our first two webinars - the first with Larry Chasin of Thinkspace, and the second with Emmanuel Raheb of Smart Age Solutions.

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