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The New Key to Digital Marketing Success for Jewelers in 2021

If there is one thing we learned in 2020, it’s that digital marketing for all retail businesses is the most important factor for generating revenue. It doesn’t mean that all transactions happen online, but it’s the primary catalyst for business to funnel through.


5 Tips To Optimize Your Jewelry Website For Maximum Sales

While people do search online for fashion styles or gifts for loved ones, the bridal buyer is much more active and ready to buy. Before someone proposes they need an engagement ring, and your website is the perfect place to start! Here are some tips for improving their user experience on your website.

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Setting Your eCommerce Budget

The first video in our official Jewelry eCommerce Course. Learn how to set your digital marketing budget for ecommerce.


Five Tips For Jewelers To Engage And Reach New Customers Through Instagram

With over 1 billion people every month and 71% of the audience under the age of 35, if you’re not active on Instagram, then you’re invisible. Here are some great ways to use Instagram better.


4 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your Jewelry Store’s WordPress Sites

Speed is important for everything on the web, from conversions to search engine rankings. If you have a WordPress site, there are a few simple ways to significantly improve your site speed.

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The Importance of Good Content for Digital Marketing & Advertising

Recorded replay from Brian Lazar’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Take a journey as we discover some of the differences between “good” and “bad” creative content, and the astounding impact it can have on your brand. This session will showcase those differences, including practical ways to assess your existing content.

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Hyping It Up: Winning Social Media Strategies That Drive Business

Recorded replay from Jackie Slone’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Watch so that you can see how utilizing social media the right way will increase foot traffic, increase revenue, and provide a personal way for you to keep in touch with your clients!

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Sharpening Your Diamond Sales “A-Game” With The Web and Digital Technology

In this two-part presentation, Asaf Herskovitz of GN Diamond and Mike Hauben of JewelryEcomm.com explore intelligent ways to use the web and tech to maximize your diamond sales capabilities.


The Difference Between a Customer and a Client

Are you running your jewelry store like a fruit stand—keeping the product fresh, Starting each day with a smile, hoping the lines will be long and that your genteel salespeople close more sales than they lose? If so, you are losing about 40% of your profits.

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  • March 31, 2021
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Leveraging Technology to Advance Your Business

Recorded replay from Adam Gerety’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Learn about the Zing platform – by Jewelers Mutual – which provides an easy-to-use one-stop-shop designed for the jewelry industry to facilitate the digital connections necessary to be successful in today’s world.

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Evergreen and Omnichannel – The Two Most Important Things to Focus on in Digital for 2021

Recorded replay from Ben Smithee’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Consumers today expect an omnichannel approach to marketing, advertising, and customer experience. Learn how your business can leverage the full competitive advantages of digital marketing and social media, and prepare your business for successful growth.


Instappraise Releases GIA Report Check Integration

Instappraise, a fast-growing technology startup and developer of the innovative and easy-to-use jewelry appraisal creation and management solution, is pleased to announce a time-saving new integration: the platform now seamlessly integrates with the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Report Check.

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The Evolving Cyber Security Threat To The Jewelry Industry

Recorded replay from Dutch Holland-Merten’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. The seminar will cover the evolving threats and risks to all retail areas especially jewelers and will aim to provide education on how to avoid these new security issues.

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How To Promote Your Jewelry on FREE Google Product Listings

Recorded replay from Brian Frankel’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Join us for this 45-minute interactive marketing workshop where we will show you step-by-step how to get your jewelry promoted for FREE on Google Product Listings. At the end of this workshop you’ll be able to set up Google Product Shopping Campaigns and more!


4 Strategies to Promote Your Jewelry Content in 2021

Content marketing is the focus of over 60% of B2C marketers. When you write good content – the type of content people want to share – you need to promote it to the world. You don’t want to regurgitate the same thing everyone else is saying because it’s not special or unique.

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business with the Best E-Commerce Strategies

Recorded replay from Ross Cockerham’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Learn about what successful retailers have grasped in 2020 that will catapult them into 2021 and make their businesses withstand any future recession or pandemic.

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The New Jewelry Salesperson – Your Next Hire for the Digital Age

Recorded replay from Shane O’Neil’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. We’ll look at how taking a fresh approach to hiring staff and identifying their intangible traits that can help create more curated content and manage online assets such as the store website and product photography.

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Free Tools To Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

Recorded replay from Anish Desai’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. You have your website… but what is next? In this engaging session, we will share 5 tools that will enhance your customer experience and engagement once they visit your website.

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5 Crucial Customer Experience Changes For Your Business

Recorded replay from Podium’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. Join Jason A’alona to learn about the five crucial customer experience improvements you need to make to set yourself up for success, along with: 5 questions to consider as you reopen Key consumer behavior trends since Covid-19 Actionable tips for how to reopen successfully.

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What Leading Jewelers Did Right To Stay Successful During Covid

Recorded replay from Lake Gile’s presentation at the 2021 Jewelry Ecomm Conference. During this presentation we will look at 7 strategies that helped many stores grow and become more profitable during COVID. Their success will continue to shape their plans for 2021, and you should learn from them too.

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