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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Jewelry Brand

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms for advertising eCommerce retailers. To start, it is one of the few platforms that can still generate organic growth. Unlike Facebook, which requires spending money to build engagement, Instagram can attract users by simply following, liking, or commenting on their accounts.

Landing Pages For Jewelers Part 3: Message Match

In the previous two parts to this series, we reviewed the importance of landing pages and what goes into a successful landing page. Now we're going to make sure the right people are in the right place by using the correct message.

Announcing Jewelry Ecomm LIVE!

We invite you to join us at our annual live event, Jewelry Ecomm LIVE! on Oct 22, 2018 in Miami Beach!

The Online Marketing Channel Part II – Website Platform

In the early days of websites it was common practice for a web-master to custom create the site in programming languages such as C, C++, PHP, and Python. The first real cost effective technology breakthrough came in the late 1990’s with the advent of open-source content management systems (CMSs) for websites. These CMSs allowed retailers from all industries to utilize templates to  build and manage most of the ongoing content changes on their website from an administrative login at a much lower cost.

Facebook For Jewelers Part 2: Special Audiences

In the second part of this Facebook series, we'll learn about a variety of custom audiences that will help your Facebook strategy. Using custom audiences, pixel audiences, and lookalike audiences are an important aspect of maximizing your social media reach.

Content is the New Branding and #WomenWithPens

I am regularly asked – by brands, jewelry designers, and retailers – how they can justify and maximize their use of social media to get business value from it. I tell them all the same thing. Find your story, your perspective, your specific angle on the jewelry business and create content about it.

How to Avoid Digital Marketing Pitfalls

Digital Marketing - talk about a buzzword! Everyone’s an “expert”, yet most are not. The problem is that anyone can pretty easily launch digital marketing campaigns or even start a business. So it has been these last few years with “digital media companies” popping up everywhere. It seems that everyone offers digital marketing, even when it’s not part of their core business; brands, web companies, and even display companies.

Navigating the Online Marketing Channel Part I: The Website

It’s a fact that very few independent retailers do meaningful e-commerce.  At the core, the reason for so few success stories is the sheer difficulty of the process and the breadth of personnel resources and skills sets that are needed to create and manage the technology platform and the online marketing strategy.  Only after the right technology is in place can a meaningful marketing message be delivered and the analytical insights discovered, for a strong return on the advertising and marketing investment.

Best SEM Practices For Jewelers

We often hear about SEO or search engine optimization, but we hear little about SEM or search engine marketing. Often people use these terms interchangeably, but it’s important to note the difference between them. Think of SEM as the umbrella term for increasing visibility of a website online. SEO and PPC or pay per click advertising fall within this SEM umbrella. Thus, search engine marketing is more comprehensive than SEO and includes a much wider diversity of marketing techniques.

12 Key Tips to Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Works

Andrea Hill, owner of Hill Management Group and Werx Marketing, took the podium at the Centurion Scottsdale show to help jewelers navigate an online/offline marketing landscape that is more complex and fast-changing than ever.

Google Exec To Jewelers: Your Ad Spending Is All Wrong!

The famous saying goes “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  Well, Jamie Blomquist, agency development manager at Google, can tell you exactly which half it is. Except that jewelers aren’t wasting just half, they’re wasting three-fourths of their advertising money.

Why Are Some Jewelry Designers OK With Using Weak Graphic Designers?

Why do so many jewelry brands accept and use weak graphic work on their sites and promotional materials?

Facebook For Jewelers Part 1: Starting Your Facebook Marketing The Right Way

In this ongoing series, we'll teach jewelers a clear step by step game plan to help get their Facebook marketing off to a good start.

Do You Tap Or Click?

In a world where 79% of the internet users are on mobile, it’s getting more and more important to have your company fully adapted and prepared for the digital environment. The more friction you remove from your user experience, the less that your user will tolerate. That’s why it’s important to always have your client’s needs in mind, making the message as direct and simple as possible.

How Are New Customers Going To Find Your Business?

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest problems in e-commerce is customer retention. Nearly two-thirds of customers who make a purchase never return to make a second one. Jewelers have two valid avenues to remedy this situation. The first is to make a concerted effort to continue the relationship with those customers who have made a purchase; the second is to secure a steady supply of new customers.

Landing Pages For Jewelers Part 2: What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Don't sabotage the success of your marketing campaigns by directing all your visitors to your homepage. Last week we learned about Attention Ratio, and explained the basic principles of landing pages. In Part 2 here, we learn what goes into making a successful landing page.

The Resurgence of SEO

Not long-ago SEO, for independent jewelers, wasn’t often recommended or needed. This was primarily due to budget restraints and the lack of sophisticated competition (digitally speaking) on a local level. That is to say, five years ago most independent retailers had poor website experiences. So, if you were to of developed a fantastic website experience, at that time, chances are you would have been miles ahead of your competition locally.

Retail Jewelers: Dominate Local Search

You want to dominate your local market online, right? That means you have to maximize your local search potential. You may want to discuss the following advice with your current marketing provider, to make sure they are taking all the right steps to increase your local visibility.

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